Author Farah Oomerbhoy: Giving Back In A Big Way!

I was lucky enough to be invited to have lunch with Mumbai-based teenaged author Farah Oomberhoy who has achieved great fame and acclaim with her award winning The Avalonia Chronicles series which is published by Wise Ink Creative Publishing. So far there are two books in the series—The Last Of The Firedrakes and The Rise Of The Dawnstar—and the underlying…read more

Dr. Andrew Jacono: Helping Patients Look Their “Natural Best”!

It's refreshing to meet plastic surgeons with the gift of making patients look like themselves, only better. This is why I appreciate Upper East Side doc Andrew Jacono. You positively cannot tell that he has "done work" on his patients. I recently ran into one of New York's most famous cases of socialite bad plastic surgery--probably the most famous case…read more

Wolverine: Going The Extra “1000 Miles” For Their Old And New Fans Alike!

Last week I was lucky enough to go out on the terrace of Wolverine’s offices next to Carnegie Hall to check out both their winter and spring "stories." There was a sneak peek of simple but stunning distressed black leather sneaker called The Original 1000 Mile Sneaker that won't be available until Fall 2018 but the big news for Spring…read more

Treadwell Park: Great Casual Eats And Artisanal Beer On The Upper East Side

Treadwell Park (at 1125 First Avenue on the southwest corner of 62nd Street) brings in a youthful crowd who enjoy a non-rushed atmosphere where you can sit at wooden benches and play board games, Foosball, pinball or ping pong while they eat and drink. The former site of the Neeley’s BBQ restaurant, the space is huge and loft-like with wood…read more

What’s The It Cosmetics #ITCCchallenge All About? Beauty, Hope And Change, That’s What!

For the past month, It COSMETICS CEO and founder Jamie Kern Lima has been inviting IT Girls and IT Guys everywhere to take the #ITCCchallenge by trying CC+™ Cream SPF 50+ and sharing their real results on social media. The best part is that for every post, a buck is donated to her LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER campaign which helps…read more

Lavatera: Brooklyn’s Best “Fast ‘N Fresh” Bistro!

I recently visited Lavatera Mediterranean Bistro at 88 Livingston Street in Brooklyn Heights and was floored by all the fast and fresh offerings. The prices are low, too—you can get a giant salad with many toppings of your choice for only around $10 and all sides are $4!  The principal behind Lavatera is simple—you walk to the front where about…read more

MCM Preview For Spring/Summer ‘18: They’re Rockin’ Some Bright Colors But Have Something For Everyone!

MCM is a fashion bag cult that started among jet setters visiting Munich hotspots circa 1976 and it has only grown from there. You might adore their sophisticated and timeless logo print leather but they have really branched out into an incredible amount of accessories (and not just classic satchel and toe handbags) in the past 15 or so years.…read more

Skura Style: Turning Sponges Into An Art Form!

As a longtime journalist, I have never written about sponges and there is a first time for everything. The owners of the highly innovative sponge subscription service called Skura Style recently through a press bash in the magnificent Upper East Side townhouse of MSNBC TV personality Donny Deutsch—which resembles a giant four floor art gallery. Deutsch’s walls are covered with…read more

An “Ahnesti-Ly” Great Haircare Line!

Everyone beauty maniac is after natural products these days, and I was lucky enough to meet Lorri Weison, the owner of the natural hair line called Ahnesti Haircare, at the recent Beauty Squared beauty press show in midtown Manhattan. Just like the brochure says, this line is truly a successful coexistence between natural ingredients and salon performance--and all products are…read more

It Cosmetics For Fall 2017: They’re Always The “It” Brand With Cutting Edge Ideas!

I have always loved It Cosmetics--their aesthetic is one of sophistication but at the same time their items and packaging are simple and always easy to understand while others have gone off the deep end! I loved their extravagant launch of the fall line which included a presentation by CEO Jamie Kern on media night as well as a special…read more