Chateau de Chantilly Cafe: An Amazing Array Of Pastries, Eclectic Decor And Friendly Service Make It A Northern VA Hotspot For Dessert Lovers!

I recently visited the Chateau de Chantilly Cafe in Chantilly, VA upon the recommendation of a friend who said it was “super cute” and had the “biggest amount of pastries you will ever see in one place”! Upon entering this vibrant loft-like space, I immediately agreed with her remarks! All sorts of pastry counters and cases are arranged neatly in the front room and your mind is blown immediately taking in the dozens of choices of scones, cookies, croissants and more (owner Jacob explained to me that there are 80 types of freshly baked items to chose from on any given day).

You order what you drinks and savory food that you might want at the front counter and most of the sweet items are “grab and go” from windowed wooden cases more towards the front of the main room. This area is dominated by scones and croissants, many in unusual flavors and topped with fruit. Refrigerated items (which include fancy buttercream and whipped cream layer cakes as well as dozens of classic and modernized/fusion French pastries) have to be requested at the front counter. I like that there is a prepackaged goods area which includes a lot of great homemade cookies and scones. You can even get loaves of artisan breads to take home! The great sandwiches at Chateau De Chantilly are made on these homemade breads, which are sliced on the thick side. (The two “rock star” sandwiches are Prosciutto & Fig and Prosciutto With Pesto.) Sandwiches and other cold savory items are all priced at a very reasonable $9 and $10. I need to point out that Chateau sandwiches are very filling so you might want to take half home if you plan on finishing up with a pastry!

Chateau de Chantilly is as known for its great European style coffees as it is for its tantalizing array of desserts! Of course, classic cappuccino is the top seller–you get a hefty serving of over 12 ounces in a white ceramic logo cup for about $4.25. The array of beverages here is super diverse–you can get beer or wine as well as remarkable bubble teas and “ades” (try the Citron Ade for something fruity and refreshing that you cannot get anywhere else). Next, I want to try their much praised limeade!

You can get your items to go if you wish but Chateau De Chantilly’s shabby chic decor makes you feel like you are in a hip NYC friend’s prewar apartment–so you’ll definitely want to “eat in.” There are gorgeous arched entry ways between the front and back room which is affectionally known as “The Library Room” by patrons (not only are there numerous built-in shelves of books but you can take them home on the honor system or just read while you’re enjoying your food and grog). The fun ‘n funky decor includes an old school fire place and mismatched dishes. Seating is not just at traditional wood tables but also on raised platforms.

You are probably wondering what my favorite item was that I ordered at Chateau de Chantilly. Well, you can see it in the above photo and I hear that it is quite the local legend or in other words, the superstar item. All the croissants and danish at Chateau de Chantilly are super inviting but the pineapple coconut danish takes the cake (pardon the corny pun)! You will never taste fresher Danish anywhere and if you are lucky, you might even spot them coming straight off the large metal bakery carts that you see in the back of the front room. Many patrons come in for the “croffles” which are thick waffles with a croissant like flakiness inside. I tried one that was topped with fresh whipped cream and glazed fresh fruit and was totally floored. All pastries are very reasonably priced in the $3-$6 range.

I need to add that the service is quick, efficient and friendly at the front counter. You are not going to be waiting more than five minutes for your order even if there is a line. The staff has their serving and barista skills down to a science. Chateau de Chantilly has its own app which gets you ten per cent off and a free pastry when you use it for the first time. The crowd is on the young side at this unique cafe/on premises bakery combo due to nearby colleges but you won’t feel out of place if you are an older person. The vibe is friendly and casual. You can spend a couple of hours here on your laptop getting some work done and no one is going to try to kick you out.

During my visit (which included the consumption of a the aforementioned pineapple coconut croissant, a chocolate croissant, a slice of cheesecake and a Napoleon), I kept an eye on the carts shown above just to see what was still warm and about to be unloaded into the cases. I am now wondering if customers can ask for something to be taken directly off the cart but I will wait for my second visit to attempt that! Chateau de Chantilly Cafe is conveniently located at 13974 Metrotech Avenue in Chantilly and their official website is Be sure to sign up for promotions on the home page.) You can order online or through their app and delivery is available. Chateau de Chantilly is open seven days per week from 7 am to 11 pm and outdoor seating (at cute wrought iron tables and chairs) is available all year round. Phone number is 703-817-2780.

Article by anne241

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