Lady M: Where Valentine’s Day Is Especially Sweet!

I have been a longtime fan of Lady M and there is no cake I would rather eat on Valentine’s Day than one of their many kinds of 20-layer Mille Crepes cakes. But wait, they also have a phenomenal Strawberry Shortcake that will really have you reeling! I am going to have some of that on Valentine’s Day with a glass of champagne and take a bubble bath–then come back for a second piece after the bath. It is actually the ultimate single gal’s Valentine celebration in my opinion.

Now, in case you don’t know, Lady M delivers each cake to you frozen in a fabulous keepsake “cooler bag” with their logo on it and a fancy plastic cake cutter also with their logo on it. That is just how they do everything–very classy but relaxed. You have probably noticed the classy but relaxed atmospheres at their various shops where they serve great savory food as well as their famous cakes which are on display in a long glass case close to the front door in most locations. Most of the Lady M locations have big front windows so that you can see the cakes on display and drool!

There are a couple of special Lady M items that really work for Valentine’s Day that go beyond their famous whole cakes like the classic original Mille Crepes cake shown above. They have bon bons in adorable boxes with designs celebrating different areas of NYC. You can get three different types of bons placed on three generous sized plastic trays in a single box known as the 3-Piece Brownstone Book for only $24.

The 3-piece Brownstone Book showcases an iconic New York City brownstone on each cover. You mix and match luxury confections from Lady M Bon Bon to create a custom 3-piece Lady M Bon Bon gift set aka “book.” This is a most thoughtful and reasonably price gift for your Valentine, a friend, colleague, or yourself. Each book comes with a customizable bookmark, perfect for a hand-written note, and is wrapped with a Lady M logo ribbon. The other size boxes available are the 5-piece and the 8-piece (which retail for $40 and $64 respectively). The flavors of the bon bons that you customize your “book” with are super imaginative. Here is just a partial list: Lemon Almonds, Creme Brûlée Almonds, Sour Apple Gummies, Mojito Leaves, Banana Marshmallows, Coffee Jelly Gummies, Passion Fruit Pearls, Rum And Cola Gum Drops, Sour Lemon Gum Drops and Strawberry Shortcake Gummies. You can create your box online at

The other item that I feel is ideal for celebrating Valentine’s Day is the individually portioned cakes known as Mini Heart Cakes (9.50 each). These are a limited time Valentine’s item that come in the exotic flavors of Couronne du Chocolat and Framboise au Chocolat. These are only available from 2/11-14 for boutique pick up. You can also get a heart cake in a 6-inch size for $60. The Couronne du Chocolat has alternating layers of chocolate sponge cake and dark chocolate mousse, finished with a chocolate ganache, chocolate crumbs and white chocolate shavings while the Framboise au Chocolat has dense chocolate mousse atop a thin layer of raspberry compote and chocolate sponge cake then finished with a chocolate ganache and raspberry gelée.

I feel that a Lady M Mille Crepes cake, strawberry shortcake or decadent chocolate Arc-En-Ciel cake (pictured above) as well as a “book” of the bon bons with a glass of champagne are all that you need for a perfect Valentine’s Day. Wait, I would want to have a couple of the mini heart cakes as well just because I am an old school romantic! Some more Lady M Valentine’s ideas can be found here:

Remember that it’s also nice to just pop into one of the many Lady M boutiques in NYC for a piece of cake and one of their fabulous coffees or teas after a romantic Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner.

Article by anne241

Hardcore NYer who loves to enjoy the good life here in the Big Apple and beyond!