Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Crowd Pleasing Items That Anyone Would Love!

You might have a particularly fussy Valentine but these items work for people with all different kinds of tastes, whether they are glamour divas or no nonsense types who would just be happy with a pizza, a beer and a hug!

It goes without saying that you need a very creative and heartfelt for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. LovePop was a company that got its start on Shark Tank where it acquired the interest of Mr. Wonderful and the rest is history. What makes LovePop special! Well, as the name indicates, every card they make large and small have a pop up inside. Their most popular cards are the ones with the pop up bouquets inside. These cards come in two sizes with the super large bouquets costing $24.95–but they are so worth it because the recipient will want to save it forever and probably leave it out all year long. The smaller cards can be had at a big discount if you buy five at a time (you can actually get five for $50). One of my favorite LovePop for Valentine’s Day 2022 is the Valentine’s Day Tree Pop-Up Card which retails for $13. You can order it and other stunning V-Day designs here on the official LovePop site: Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Tree Card .

Coty Fragrances creates all the big designer name fragrances (or most of them anyway). One of my current favorites is the award winning Marc Jacobs Perfect. This perfume opens with juicy notes of rhubarb and bright daffodil that reveal a comforting heart of almond milk and finish with a soft dry down of cedarwood and cashmeran. Modern, bright, and feminine, Perfect is an unconventional yet harmonious clash of fresh florals and calm, smoothing notes. You will love the bottle cap which looks like one of Mr. Jacob’s tattoos with a star, shoe and dice. It is $100 at Macy’s and other fine department stores for a 1.6 ounce bottle. You can order from Bloomingdale’s here and get free shipping or even pick up if you wish: Marc Jacobs Perfect EDP.

Original Comfy has been all the rage the past couple of years because it is not only easy to throw on but it really keeps you warm! These are great for both guys and girls and they wear really well. They never wear out or fade after countless washings! It’s known as “the blanket you can wear” but it looks much more chic than that! I personally think that the hood is a nice touch because it keeps your ears nice and toasty! Overall I love my Comfy the most because it feels like a big bear hug (some owners have described it as “being in a cloud”)! You can order the original Comfy for $44.95 as well as its interesting “sister” items: Original Comfy.

Massage guns are a mega-popular item right now and they tend to be on the expensive side (as much as $300). I found a great one that is perfect for both home and travel called the iLive Portable Cordless Massage Gun. This handheld massager includes a roundhead attachment, flathead attachment, tapered head attachment, and U-shaped head attachment, along with charging cable, and user guide. All the attachments give off different types of “vibes” and you will love that there are six speed settings and that it has a long-lasting rechargeable battery. Order here for $69.99: ILive Portable Cordless Massage Gun.

I recently came across a fun new book called How To Be Italian: Eat, Drink, Dress, Travel And Love La Dolce Vita and you most definitely do not have to be Italian to love it. You truly get embedded in Italian culture when you are reading it. Author Maria Pasquale’s book is a celebration of the Italian lifestyle–an education in drinking to savor the moment, traveling indulgently, and cherishing food and culture. Readers also get the inside scoop on the Italian art of doing nothing (which includes putting away your smartphone) and simply enjoying the sweetness of life. Ms. Pasquale believes that anyone can learn from the rich tapestry of life on the boot and I am in total agreement. There is a lot of Italian fashion and design features in this colorful tome–as well as the Golden Age Of Italian Cinema and the Roman Empire’s cultural echoes. Order How To Be Italian (published by Smith Street Books) here for $24.88: How To Be Italian.

A real winner of a fragrance that is one of the most romantic scents of the year is Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Eau De Parfum. Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold EDP draws inspiration from Tiffany’s iconic diamond cuts and luminous metals. Vibrant and magnetic, the olfactive captivates with notes of blackcurrant, blue rose and ambrette seeds. To me, with my rather uneducated “nose” for fragrance, this smells like a big bunch of roses (and that’s a good thing). This high end EDP retails for $108 for a 1.6 ounce bottle at fine department stores everywhere. You can order it here: Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold EDP.

I am a lover of comfort footwear and OOfos is at the top of my list. Even though it was designed to be a brand of post gym “recovery” footwear, most of this cutting edge brand’s fan use their shoes for everyday wear. The latest style is a warm and fuzzy Sherpa trimmed one called the OOCoozie available in pink, chestnut and black. It is kind of like walking on clouds when you have a pair of these on! Besides being soft and warm, OOCoozies feature OOfoam® technology that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet and joints. You can buy a pair for $119.99 here on the official OOfos site (be sure to check out their clogs and sandals as well): OOCoozies.

I don’t have to tell you that Eternity For Women is one the legendary Calvin Klein’s most successful fragrances. Interestingly enough, it was inspired by his longtime marriage. Eternity is a hymn of eternal values: love, family and peace. This legendary women’s EDP that first hit the perfume counters back in 1988 opens with fresh citrus and green notes, that are followed by the note of violet and lily-of-the-valley. The note of carnation with its spiciness gives the floral heart a slightly peppery accord–this was probably the first ladies’ fragrance to ever include a peppery kick. The final notes are gentle with powdery heliotrope, pink sandalwood and transparent musky notes. You can’t go wrong purchasing this super classic scent–people fall in love with it immediately and it is particularly long lasting. A 3.3 ounce bottle is $99 and available at fine department stores everywhere. You can order it from Macy’s on this link and get free shipping: Eternity For Women.

Calvin Klein’s Eternity For Men is just as iconic as its female counterpart. Offered in a simple yet handsome 3.3 ounce EDT spray bottle, this fragrance will last for years. (A little goes a long way!) Eternity For Men features a blend of both modern and classic with notes of fresh bergamot and mandarin followed by earthy florals and rain-drenched moss. It is generally considered to be in the “woodsy” category of fragrances. According to Calvin Klein himself, this scent symbolizes the spirit of today’s man: sensitive yet masculine, refined yet strong. “He’s a romantic dedicated to basic values–family, work, health, and happiness. A man at ease with himself, in his relationships and with his world,” remarks the legendary designer. You can order it for $85 from Macy’s on this link and get free shipping: Eternity For Men.

For a romantic and super-fun old school Valentine’s date, keep in mind that Bond 45 in Times Square (located at 221 West 46th Street) is offering couples a live dinner, dancing, and show experience with GRAMMY Award winners Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks. This incredibly diversified and talented band will perform from 8pm to close, bringing back the swinging music of the roaring 20’s and 30’s. In case you are not familiar with them, Vince and the Nighthawks have appeared in many films/TV shows including The Cotton Club, The Aviator, Finding Forrester, Revolutionary Road and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. They have performed at midtown’s Town Hall, Jazz At Lincoln Center, the Newport Jazz Festival and the 92nd St Y for the past four decades. Celebrities who have enjoyed Vince’s shows include Mel Brooks, Liza Minnelli, Michael Feinstein, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Tommy Tune, Molly Ringwald, Michael Feinstein, and many others. There is a $25 cover and $25 F&B minimum which is super reasonable for an iconic Times Square location and top-notch entertainment. For more info, go to

I am one on OXO’s biggest fans and that is because I find that they have the most innovative kitchen gadgets and at a great price. The OXO Brew Venture French Press’ clear Tritan carafe is durable and shatter resistant, so it’s perfect for taking on the go for camping or traveling. Windows on both sides of the case show the coffee level, and the spout has a secondary level of filtration for a clean, rich taste. The 8-cup capacity is ideal for serving parties of two (or more). In my case, I drink all eight cups. This is a great Valentine’s gift if your love one is a coffee maniac and would love a pot they can keep at the office or pack in a suitcase. All OXO items are made with BPA free plastic. Order here for $20.99 at the official OXO site: OXO Brew Venture French Press.

This is a perfect item to put into a Valentine’s Day gift bag or basket that you are creating for your significant other or a party host. Who doesn’t need a study bottle opener that will last for decades? The OXO Die-Cast Bottle Opener opens pop-top and twist-top beer and soda bottles with ease. The pop-top side opens metal caps with a flick of the wrist, and the twist-top side grips onto metal bottle cap teeth for effortless opening. With a non-slip, comfortable touchpoint great for opening lots of glass bottles, and sturdy die-cast zinc to last a lifetime of parties or picnics. Order it right here on the OXO official website for $10.99: OXO Steel Die Cast Bottle Opener.

I just learned about recently and not only fell in love with their glamorous jewelry and accessories that are reduced by as much as 80 per cent off retail but fell in love with the fact that 100 per cent of your purchase proceeds go to charity (and you actually get to pick the charity that the money gets donated to)! They have amazing choices for Valentine’s gifts. My personal favorites are the world class moissanite jewelry from Charles And Colvard and crystal and 14K based jewelry from Baccarat. The Baccarat MARIE-HÉLÈNE DE TAILLAC Pear Ring in red pictured above is a truly stunning yellow gold 14K ring with a large red crystal that makes a remarkable keepsake Valentine’s gift that the recipient will want to wear every day. It is actually available in many colors. (I am wearing the light blue right now and loving it!) This is a site you are going to fall in love with and get addicted to shopping on. You can order this stunning Baccarat ring from at only $360 when its regular price is $1200 (there are plenty of Baccarat bracelets at bargain prices that are a good match for this ring as well). Order here: Baccarat MARIE-HELENE DE TAILLAC Pear Ring.

My love for runs deep because it is truly the easiest gift for anyone that has a sweet tooth. You get to send a Sugarwish just like any egift card. You go on the site, decide what size box you want to give (most people opt for the small four compartment box which is $34) and the recipient gets a Sugarwish e-gift card with a personalized message from you. They also get to respond and thank you right after they claim their gift on the site! Now the great part is that there are hundreds of types of candies, cookies and nuts to choose from on including classic candies that have been favorites of Baby Boomers for decades like gummies, taffy, and lollipops. There are some newfangled snacks that I love like the Wasabi Peas (which also happen to be the healthiest offering), unusually flavored popcorn and even dog treats. (Yep, you can even gift a dog with a Sugarwish aka Sugarwoof; the featured doggie treats are so colorful and cute). Go here to peruse all the goodies and choose a personalized Sugarwish for your Valentine (they are sent out immediately, by the way): Sugarwish.

L’Occitane’s Heart-To-Heart gift set has a unique concept: keep one half and give the other to someone special. (In my case, I am keeping both sides because the almond aka “amande” products are some of my favorites and the packaging is adorable.) One side of Heart-To-Heart contains a mouthwatering shower oil and hand cream while the other contains two nourishing shea favorites. In total, this set Shea Butter Hand Cream (net weight 1 ounce), Shea Body Shower Oil (1 fluid ounce), Almond Delicious Hands (1 fluid ounce), Almond Shower Oil (2.5 fluid ounces) and a L’Occitane gift box that splits in two. This is a real bargain for French luxury bath and body care products at only $39 and some of the proceeds to the Heart To Heart Foundation that empowers women in third world countries. Order it here on the official L’Occitane site: L’Occitane Heart-To-Heart.

It’s no secret that fans of natural skincare consider L’Occitane’s Immortelle Divine line to be a real “rockstar” collection. If you look at the L’Occitane website, the products in this line launched a few years ago get five star ratings across the board from customers. This newest Immortelle Divine gift set features the the latest product in the line, Youth Hand Cream. After using this anti-aging hand cream, 87% of women in a large test group actually found the appearance of wrinkles reduced. Over time, hands appeared visibly younger with improved elasticity. Here is the full contents of this set that’s a Valentine’s Day must-have for luxury skincare fanatics: Youth Hand Cream (net weight 2.7 ounces), Immortelle Divine Cream (net weight 1 ounces, Immortelle Divine Eye & Lip Contour (net weight 0.5 oz.), Immortelle Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream (0.4 fluid ounces), Immortelle Divine Youth Oil (0.10 fluid ounces) and a pretty gold L’Occitane Gift Box. Order it here on the official L’Occitane site for $211.50: Immortelle Divine Gift Set.

Sometimes it is best to buy someone a very practical gift that they have been asking for. This one is especially ideal since New York apartments so rarely have dishwashers or much kitchen counter space. The OXO Good Grips Aluminum Fold Flat Dish Rack is the flexible solution for doing dishes by hand. The rustproof aluminum frame has a two-layer design that holds items of all sizes, and it’s customizable with a removable utensil cup that can be placed on either side of the rack. It folds completely flat, making it ideal for use as a drying board for smaller loads as well as compact for easy storage. The built-in drain board features raised ridges that elevate items away from water for quick, efficient drying, and non-slip feet help keep the rack stable on whatever surface you are using. The modernistic clean design complements any kitchen. My favorite part is the removable utensil holder! It’s only 16.4 inches long and 14.6 inches wide so it can fit in even the smallest kitchens. The ridges that you place your dishes on helps them dry faster. Just fyi, this item is fully rustproof. Order here for $39.99: OXO Good Grips Aluminum Fold Flat Dish Rack.

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