A Few Fabulous Last Minute Quick Picks For Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is coming upon us shortly so I put together a few “wild card” items that would make unforgettable gifts for Dad but in all honesty, they “work” for the whole family!

I fell in love with Neoplant PX the minute I laid eyes on it at the recent Pepcom tech event for press and influencers at New York’s popular Metropolitan Pavilion. Neoplant PX is the first bioengineered air purifier, a nature-based solution to fight indoor air pollution (known as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs). It is up to 30x more efficient at air purifying the air compared to any regular houseplant. This is a new kind of air purifying tech, powered by nature and supercharged by science. In my humble opinion, Neoplant PX looks green and gorgeous (even the textured white pot is stunning) and it really works. Imagine what it would be like having clean air at home with no hissing or clicking noises from an air purifier! I admire the way that this company feels that nature is the greatest tech out there! Find more details here–the introductory price is $119 (and it includes six months of Power Drops, the plant’s magic ingredient): NEOPLANT.

The Eufy Robot Vacuum Omni S1 Pro is the most anticipated vaccuum and mop combo of the past decade basically because you let it do its thing by rolling over floors and carpeting and even going under furniture–then it puts itself away! The Eufy Omni S1 Pro is highly advanced and designed to deliver powerful cleaning with minimal user intervention. Key features include its strong 8,000 Pa suction power and Eco-Clean Ozone technology, which ozonizes water to enhance cleaning and kill bacteria. It is equipped with a Uniclean station that handles tasks such as dust disposal, mop washing, and water refilling, making it largely self-sufficient. The design incorporates a 3D MatrixEye Depth Perception system and TrueCourse Mapping for precise navigation and obstacle avoidance, ensuring the robot cleans efficiently without getting stuck or causing damage. The Auto Mop Lift feature is particularly notable, as it raises the mop when carpets are detected to avoid wetting them. Let dad and mom sip cocktails and get some quality time on Father’s Day (and beyond) instead of vacuuming and mopping. Purchase for $1,499 here: Eufy S1 Pro.

Zenni Optical, the world’s leading online eyewear retailer, recently released the new Timo x Zenni Collection, a collaboration with renowned fashion designer, DJ, and entrepreneur, Timo Weiland. As a long-time Zenni brand partner and the driving force behind the Timo Weiland lifestyle brand, Timo brings his creative vision and vibrant personality to this exclusive eyewear collection. These are truly chic styles for everyday! The partnership between Zenni and Timo began with their first successful collab that originally kicked off in 2019 and no one has looked back since–every collection has been a hit. The Timo x Zenni Collection features a range of fashionable tints and frame designs. These sophisticated frames, designed in collaboration with Timo, embody “Laid Back Luxury,” starting at just $29.95, proving that luxury eyewear can be both stylish and affordable. Timo comments, “The collection, which is a mix of sunglasses, prescription, Blokz® blue light blocking glasses, and fashion tints, is a celebration of individuality and creativity, allowing you to redefine your style with an effortless vibe. Each frame is crafted to inspire a feeling of laid-back luxury, and add a touch of excitement to everyday life.” Pictured above is the style Unplugged in Tortoiseshell and it really only costs $29.99! Order it here: UNPLUGGED. The prices and styles on Zenni blow any optical store out of the water (in my humble opinion)–there is truly a style and price for everyone!

GuruNanda’s Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser is an advanced water stream flossing system that helps healthier gums and a whiter smile in just two minutes a day. It’s a complete oral-care solution. With 1400-1800 times/minute of high pressure water pulse, it is efficient in promoting healthy teeth and gums by helping remove plaque and food particles stuck in between the teeth. It not only effectively massages your gums but also helps with stamping out bad breath while helping reduce gingivitis, and is perfect to use with braces. It comes with a detachable water tank that lets you thoroughly clean the limescale and plaque deposits, and prevent foul odor from the tank. This flossser’s chic compact design makes it easy to be used both at home and during travel. The 2000 mAh battery gets totally charged in just 4 hours and can last up to 21 days after continuous use, and is easily rechargeable with the USB cable that comes with the pack. Order here for $29.99: GuruNanda Rechargeable Flosser.

Is Dad wanting a secure yet reasonably priced ($300 or less) security system for your house or apartment? Well, tech pioneers Reolink just released three new easy to use security cameras and the most advanced one runs on a solar panel! “The Argus 4 Pro represents the next evolution in smart home security,” said  Fabrice Klohoun, Marketing Manager at Reolink. “With its advanced features and robust privacy protections, it offers unmatched surveillance experience and peace of mind to our customers.” It is now available for purchase on Reolink.com and Amazon along with its sister cameras. To learn more about the Reolink Argus 4 Pro and Reolink’s full range of smart home security solutions and services, visit Reolink.com.

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