Father’s Day 2024: A Quick List Of Gifts That Every Dad Needs!

This is a list of some of the things that you can’t go wrong with on Father’s Day whether Dad is a “man about town” or more of a Duck Tape kind of guy!

There was recently an article in Forbes discussing about Initio uses the chemical compound Hedione to stimulate the limbic system and create desire for the wearer and those they are around! I do not know about “desire” but I certainly love to stand around anyone wearing an Initio fragrance. They are miraculously earthy, manly, glamorous and unisex at the same rate time! The secret is that Inition has learned to harness the full power of the scent-mind connection to create an experience that goes beyond mere smell, tapping into modern scientific advancements and forgotten spiritual practices such as the utilization of Palo Santo and White Sage for cleansing. Oud For Greatness NEO is the latest example of Initio’s dedication to going “above and beyond” in terms of unique ingredients and being long lasting on the skin! Priced at $430 for 90ml, this luxurious addition to Initio’s Black & Gold Collection features:

  • Oud: Your mind stimulant, enhancing mental and psychic functions.
  • Fir Balsam: Your catalyst for empowerment, boosting confidence and determination.
  • Bergamot: Your mood enhancer, uplifting and reducing anxiety.
  • Orpur® Lavender: Your path to serenity, calming and relieving stress.

A very little goes a long way on Initio fragrances so dad can get away with the tiniest dab on his wrist! You can purchase the large size bottle for $430 plus check out all the other amazing Initio fragrances here: Oud For Greatness NEO.

Everyone needs Duck Tape in their life whether it is to fix a garden hose or to make computer wires out of eye range by taping them behind a desk! Some people have even created formalwear out of the colored Duck Tape and the people who make this indispensable product actually have a yearly contest where they give away scholarship money to whichever contestant comes up with the most beautiful and creative prom dress! We know that your dad is using it for “handyman” type purposes but admit that you steal his roll sometimes! Pictured above are our two favorites that would be great adds to a gift bag or basket for Dad this Fathers’s Day: Original Duck Tape and UV Resistant Waterproof Tape (a must for when the weather is hot or you are using the tape on an item that is close to water such as a pool float)! You can read more about all Duck Tape products here as well as order the items pictured (you get a huge amount for under $10): Official Duck Tape Store On Amazon.

If your dad is a foodie with a sweet tooth, I am sure that he would love to explore the exciting and unique world of Japanese snacks! Imagine Dad embarking on a tastebud adventure like no other! Sakuraco curates 20+ traditional snacks, teas, and unique tableware, all from local Japanese makers. It’s a truly delightful and experiential gift (or self-care treat!). The best part is that many of the snacks provided taste good and are actually very healthy (they all seem to be low in fat and contain natural ingredients)! Dad will get 20 items or more each month and if you get the six month subscription, which is the best deal, the price is only $32.50 per month. Pictured above is my Sackuraco box right before I ate it like Pacwoman! Order here: Sakuraco Six Month Subscription.

Have a dad who loves to make his own cappuccino? With a patented smart design, the Kitchen Mama Silkwhisk Electric Milk Frother makes velvety smooth froth in seconds. It’s also designed to gently mix your drinks each time without causing a mess, elevating your daily routine to a balanced life. It is a safe device that makes froth truly fluffy and tasty. The patented flow-mixing wheel allows air and liquid to pass through, resulting in a well balanced blend that creates smooth and creamy textures within seconds. You can create both hot and cold froth plus even use the Silkwhisk to blend healthy drinks like smoothies. Silkwhisk Electric Milk Frother runs on a rechargeable battery and is ultra lightweight. Colors available are red, teal and steel gray. Order here for $24.99: Silkwhisk Electric Milk Frother.

From spicy to sweet, Sweet Chaos has a flavor that Dadwill love! Let Dad try the new Dill Pickle variety or stick to more traditional favorites like Movie Theater Butter, White Cheddar or Sea Salt (pictured above). Sweet Chaos hand pops their NON-GMO kernels in coconut oil for a creamy richness while skipping the nasty, artificial ingredients that other bagged popcorn have.  In addition to Movie Theater Butter and Sea Salt, exciting flavors include the aforementioned Dill Pickle (made with real dill & vinegar), Jalapeno Blue Cheese, Kettle Corn and White Cheddar. I especially love the Drizzled popcorn flavors like Peanut Butter Cup. Dad will also love the fact that Sweey Chaos has great calorie bang for the buck as the average one pound bag has about 600 calories. Visit www.sweetchaos.com to check out all the great flavors. The 16 ounce bags go for $11 to $12.50 each.

Q Mixers have been declared to be the world’s best mixers by many NYC hot spot mixologists. Carefully crafted for premium balance and never too sweet, Q allows the subtleties of great spirits to shine through but many of them stand on their own as soft drinks. Their ginger beer and special hibiscus ginger beer have been in great demand since the current popularity of Moscow Mules but they are complete dynamite on their own. Once you try one of theee ginger beers, you will never be able to drink another brand and ginger ale will taste like water to you! From organic agave to real ginger, Q products are made with the highest quality ingredients. High fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients, artificial flavors and preservatives are never used, that is why they have such a natural taste and that is another reason why many of the most discerning bars and restaurants proudly serve their guests Q. See all their products here (a pack of 24 seven ounce cans of ginger beer or hibiscus ginger beer goes for about $27): Q Mixers. Fortunately this amazing brands can be found at Walmart and on Amazon where discounts are offered.

It is no secret that my love for Omaha Steaks runs deep and that there is nothing more convenient than having a few of their steaks, ready to eat meals, desserts and chicken breasts in your freezer. They have killer package deals for holidays including Father’s Day but some people prefer to buy their steaks a la carte. Pictured above are the 10 Ounce Bone In Strip Steaks which are very reasonably priced and the perfect size for one steak loving dad! Devotees of Omaha Steaks’ New York Strips swear that a Strip Loin is even more juicy and flavorful with the bone left in…that’s because the meat next to the bone is always the most tender and savory. These Strip Loins are aged at least 28 days for even more flavor and tenderness, making them a steak lover’s dream! They are dynamite whether you cook them in a cast iron grill pan or on a grill. You can order a package of two for $37.49 here: Bone In New York Strip Steaks.

There is nothing like an upgraded filet mignon experience from the legendary Omaha Steaks…and the Butcher’s Cut Six Ounce Filet Mignons are “the bomb”! The Omaha Steaks master butchers trim each of these steaks twice, removing exterior fat and creating a leaner, steakhouse-style experience. They’re aged at least 30 days for maximum tenderness and handled and delivered with care. You can send Dad a set of four six-ounce Butcher’s Cut Six Ounce Filet Mignons for the very reasonable price of $83.99 here as well as check out the other great items sold by this legendary company: Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignons. (You can also buy this juicy, flavorful cut in four and eight ounce sizes.)

Norman Love’s 25-Piece Signature Collection is not only the perfect gift for chocolate loving dads but also pretty much the perfect gift anytime, anywhere or anyplace! You can never go wrong with high quality chocolate! Norman Love is a legend in the chocolate business and he has helmed his own company for 30-plus years now after spending time as the head pastry chef for Ritz Carlton Hotels and a successful stint at Godiva Chocolates. Chef Love noticed that all the most popular desserts at the Ritz Carlton were chocolate flavored and so that planted the idea of starting his own chocolate company. All 25 pieces from the NL signature chocolate collection are unique in both flavor and color and here are the fantasy flavors that you will be receiving: New York Cheesecake, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Sea Salt Caramel Truffle, Key Lime, 46% Bahibe, Bourbon, Dark Chocolate Cream Truffle, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Café Latte, Florida Orange, 80% Coueur de Guanaja, Hot Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almond Truffle, Peanut Butter Cup, Raspberry, Grand Marnier Truffle, Coconut, Vanilla, Sicilian Pistachio, Tahitian Caramel, Hazelnut Praline Truffle, Passion Panna-Cotta, Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry and Tiramisu. You can order here for $60 plus check out other great tasty and artistic Norman Love Confection products: Norman Love’s 25-Piece Signature Collection.

How about a giant PopTart for Pop?! recently fell deeply in love with the Brine Tart, which is Brine Chicken’s version of the frosted cinnamon PopTart! You can get a giant one that is equal to about 15 normal size Brine Tarts for $39 plus change and I think ordering the giant one would be the “bomb” for Father’s Day, especially if your dad is a Boomer. Pictured above is a tray of the normal size ones which I recently tried at Brine Chicken’s location diagonally across the street from the Chelsea Market at 15th Street and Eighth Avenue. The flaky homemade pastry and thick cinnamon sugar filling are far superior to those on a regular ol’ store bought PopTart! I also strongly recommend ordering Brine’s amazingly juicy New York Chicken Sandwich that comes with pickled onions and a slightly spicy homemade mayo; these put Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches to shame (they are slightly less spicy than the Nashville sandwiches but still have a slight kick of hotness). They brine the chicken for 36 hours (plus fire grill it), and that is what makes the delicious difference! The portions at Brine are huge, too! I doubt you can find better chicken anywhere (even in the Big Apple) and the golden coating has unique spices that you can’t find elsewhere. Brine offers the options of several different international and national chicken styles on their menu. You can also get heavenly plain roasted chicken and healthy sides like sweet potato and broccoli lightly topped with shredded cheese and the aforementioned homemade mayo. Brine Chicken also has a Fair Lawn, No, location and can delivery their Brine Tarts within a 15 mile radius in Northern NJ. Order the Brine Tart and other menu items here: Brine Chicken Menu.

Pictured above is one of the easy to use Weber Slate grills now available at Ace Hardware stores and on acehardware.com. I was lucky enough to attend the Ace 100th Anniversary party at the Rooftop Cinema (on the third floor of Embassy Suites on West 37th Street) which featured an exclusive sneak peek of Ace’s Heartware Stories, a collection of inspiring mini-documentaries that capture extraordinary moments of helpful Ace Hardware store owners in communities across the country, including the store of a woman who lost her son to a fentanyl overdose and now gives in-store classes about how to use Narcan. Guests got to try some of the delicious marinated flank steak shown cooking here and it was amazingly juicy! (The party chefs also put shishito and pineapple upside down cake on the grill as well!) Here is a Weber Slate grill priced at $999.99 that would make a really special gift for dad that he will undoubtedly appreciate for years to come: Weber Slate Rust-Resistant 4 Burner.

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