Holiday Gift Guide: The Most Innovative Fashion And Home Goods!

I love these fashion and home items as gifts because they are something that your favorite friend or family will actually use and love. Nothing listed here is going to become a dust collector or get thrown into the back of a closet. I am also adding in my very favorite brand of cards because they are not just cards–they are ART!

I love OOFOS because their shoes features their patented OOfoam technology that is a real shock absorber. It is kind of like walking on air when you have them on. While OOFOS have made quite a name for themselves for their comfy and styling clogs and sandals, their closed shoes are now causing a big furor! Pictured above is the OOOFOS Women’s EZEE OOMG Low Shoe in Black On Black (there are three other color ways but this is undoubtedly the favorite of New Yorkers like myself). Retailing at $129.99, the Low Black Shoe will last for years and become a “go to” piece of footwear. The canvas like uppers have four way stretch so this style can fit the widest of feet if need be. You will notice right away that OOFOS reduce stress on sore feet, knees and back and enables a more natural walking motion. Best of all, they are machine washable! To order the OOFOS OOMG EZEE Low Shoe, click on this link (and while you are on the OOFOS site, be sure to check out their fabulous cougar print footwear): OOFOS OOMG EZEE LOW SHOE.

I am a huge fan of Love Pop and have written about this stunning luxury card line quite a few times in the past few years since I was first introduced to them. (As the legend goes, the founders were on Shark Tank and hooked up with Mr. Wonderful–after that, the company took off in a big way!) These are highly collectible and sought after pop up cards that the recipient will want to save and put out year after year. The Love Pop Christmas cards are often used as centerpieces as many open up to be Christmas scenes or floral arrangements. I have been really going crazy for the wreath style pictured above as you can really use it as a no fuss wreath! New this year in the holiday line are simply titled cards like the Nativity Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card, the Gingerbread House Kit, the Christmas Toy Bouquet, the Gabriel Gnome Pop-Up Card, the Winter Jar Pop-Up Card, the Painted Nativity Pop-Up Card and the Christmas Flower Basket Pop Up Card. Love Pop cards are generally $15 to $25 but there are multi packs that are sold at a steal! Be sure to check out the Festive 7-Pack at only $64. To see all the entire assortment of Love Pop holiday cards, go to

Neighborhoods has so many clever home items that you might find yourself on their site two hours per day or more! I love the wine and cheese-themed dish towel set called Perfect Pairing, which features two adorable towels in a berry carton all tied up with a tag and string so it is ready to go as a gift or host/hostess gift at a holiday gathering! The tag has space for you to write out the recipient’s name and a message. The Neighborgoods towels are super absorbent and lightweight. Each towel is made of all natural I bleached 100 per cent cotton and hand screen printed with earth friendly natural ink. Of course the green carton is biodegradable but you can save it and put other kitchen items or produce in it! The amazingly adorable gift towels are a strong suit of but there is so much more. Each item is designed by Jodi the Neighborgoods founder in her Washington, DC home studio. To order the Perfect Pairing Towel Set, go to this link: PERFECT PAIRING TOWEL SET.

Mila+Mate’s amazing silk scarves are a luxury that is actually a necessity. These modal silk scarves are hand dyed, incredibly soft and versatile and can be used for anything from head wraps to pareos. One of my current favorites is 1, pictured above. It is a generous size rectangular scarf that is 55.11″ by 70.86.” I think that this style is so suitable for a holiday gift because the colors are super vibrant and can elevate the dullest outfit but also because it washes so well. You can hand wash any Mila+Mate scarf in hot water and there will be no fading! I think it is so mood enhancing to wear spring colors during the winter and the Watercolors 1 scarf gives you an easy way to do it! Be sure to check out the site to see the amazing designs created by artists around the world. Price for most big Mila+Mate scarves including Watercolors 1 is $250 and the quality is unbeatable! To order the Watercolors 1, click on this link: MILA+MATE WATERCOLORS 1 SCARF.

I enjoy Happy Elsie bags so much because they are on the cutting edge of handbag design and also are super lightweight. If you are a lover of woven vegan leather handbags that are American made and give back (in this case with a percentage of the profits going to uterine cancer research), visit My current go-to bag is The Lucila Bag in Onyx (pictured above)–it is perfect for New York ladies who carry around their whole life in their bags as it measures about 18″ by 16″! The Lucila is light as a feather and so roomy–best of all it has an attached matching change purse that can be worn inside or outside! Next I want to get the Pewter as an alternative to the Onyx because it is just such a versatile shade! Designer/founder Elsie Mendez has designs in all sorts of materials including the aforementioned vegan leather, canvas that can go in the washing machine and real leather. Here is a link to order the Lucila in Onyx but make sure to check out the more than a dozen other great shades that this chic bag comes in: HAPPY ELSIE LUCILA BAG.

If you have friends or family members who love big fluffy blankets that are lightweight and easy to wash, check out They have blankets in all degrees of fluffiness and funkiness! I have the blanket pictured above from Big Lovie’s Dream Collection–it is a super cozy and soft blanket in the gorgeous color combo of charcoal gray and black. The name Big Lovie and iconic Infinite Love logo pop off the blanket’s edge in a big fluffy patch. Each Big Lovie blanket is made from microchenille and feather yarn. I totally agree with the statement on the Big Lovie site that says, “This blanket beautifully brings together softness and strength for the perfect gift to yourself or the ‘big lovie’ in your life.” I can’t think of a gift that works for ANYONE like a great blanket that you can use as a throw or actually on your bed in place of a standard blanket. Best of all, the yarn is created to be anti-piling so you can wash it again and again and it will still look great! Order the Dream Collection Big Lovie Blanket (which measures 48″ X 72″) here for $129: BIG LOVIE DREAM BLANKET.

If you ask me, the expression “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is as true as ever–especially when it comes to Christmas gifts! I have really been loving the classic lab created diamond designs on Stefano Navi’s website, This noted New York diamond brand recently started working with lab created diamonds after 40 years of dealing with earth-mined diamonds; in the past few years, the powers that be at this classy company made the realization that man-made diamonds are an ethical, affordable alternative to earth-mined ones. You can buy lab created diamond earrings that glisten and sparkle just as much as earth mined diamond earrings with stones in an assortment of sizes from .25 to 1.5 carats. Did I fail to mention that Stefano Navi carries all types of diamond jewelry including stunning engagement and cocktail rings? It would be hard to debate that a perfect gift would be the classic stud style of one carat total weight (1/2 carat in each ear). At Stefano Navi, a one carat total weight pair of IGA certified F-G color, VS2-SI1 clarity diamond stud earrings is super reasonably priced at $795 and the buyer can choose the color of the 14K gold used as well as the type of earring backs. Order the Stefano Navi to-die-for classic one carat studs here: LAB GROWN DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS.

Zavor America’s cookware has been taking the kitchen goods world by storm! You can buy their durable and chic looking pans everywhere from Macy’s to Bed Bath & Beyond and there are some great sales on them for the holiday season! I am having a love affair with their Noir 11″ Cast Aluminum Grill Pan with removable handle which lends a unique element to any serious chef’s cookware collection. Not only is this pan made with high-quality aluminum but it comes complete with a Whitford Fusion Ti ceramic interior coating. The long handle can be easily screwed off and replaced with one of six fun color options: red, butternut orange, mint green, sky blue, royal blue, and purple. The Noir grill pan is compatible with all domestic stoves (including induction) but let me tell you a few things totally impress me–you can remove the handle which gives you a lot more shelf space when storing (as New Yorkers have notoriously small kitchens), it cleans super easily unlike cast iron, it leaves beautiful grill marks on your food, it has a super cool square shape and it seems to conduct heat super fast. The Noir grill pan is dishwasher safe when the handle is removed. The folks at Zavor America give customers a lifetime warranty on all their pans so you never have to worry if any damage occurs (all their items honestly seem indestructible to me, though). You can order the Zavor America Noir 11″ Grill Pan for $59.95 on this link: Noir 11″ Grill Pan.

Do you dream about a phone case that will leave you hands free when not using it? I recommend the gorgeous Noémie Napa is a high-function fashion statement case with strap that allows users to be hands-free and hassle-free! You no longer have to worry about dropping or losing your phone because you are protected on both counts on this stunning Napa leather case. People that you gift with a Noémie Napa will appreciate its slim silhouettes and chic couture details. I call the Noémie Napa the perfect accessory for the on-the-go fashionista. The crossbody strap is detachable, it is available in four neutral colors of grained leather and best of all, it includes a concealed wallet that is actually a rear pocket compartment that allows users to store up to three credit cards and money (there is a metal closure to help you feel ultra safe). I love that the Noémie Napa has air-pockets and soft interior lining protect from bumps and other damage! I am super clumsy with my phone so the Noémie Napa is a dream-come-true for me. Order a Noémie Napa IPhone ProMax 13 case here for $79.99 (cases for other phone styles are available for the same price): Noémie Napa.

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