Top Food Picks To Make Your Holiday Merrier!

These are my top food picks for Holiday 2021. They make great gifts but also are well worth investing in for your own personal use! I am throwing in my favorite vitamin and supplement company at the end because it is always important to get supplemental nutrition (especially when you are binge eating sugars and fats around the holidays)!

Omaha Steaks never disappoints any time of the year but for the holidays they have amazing family friendly choices like the highest quality and juiciest turkeys, ham and prime rib. Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite meat is prime rib and Omaha Steaks’ Bone In Frenched Prime Rib Roast will be on my holiday table and hopefully there will be leftovers. There are several types of Prime Rib available from Omaha Steaks including a precooked one which is perfect for lazy chefs and I have heard nothing but raves about it from foodie friends! The Bone In Frenched Prime Rib Roast is about four pounds and serves about four although people have told me that they do have leftovers. I care the most about the bones and this one has two. You can order it on this link for about $149.99 plus free shipping but let me also add that the Private Reserve Strip Steaks are about the most flavorful steaks that I have ever had and make wonderful gifts for the foodie in your life: Bone In Frenched Prime Rib Roast.

Borgatti’s Pasta’s Ravioli Lovers Bundle features four boxes of large raviolis with a generous count of 27 in each. As we go to press, the price is $90 but they are offering a ten per cent discount. Borgatti’s is a Little Italy The Bronx legend and I nearly died when I first tried these in my own home! They are made by hand and you will not find ravioli so well crafted anywhere. All the dough and filling is created on the premises and they have many wonderful gift packages combos. I also strongly suggest that you try some of their dry pastas like the fettuccine. Pasta is always makes for a crowd pleasing meal and Borgatti’s is the creme de la creme of pasta makers and sellers. They have an adorable storefront on Arthur Avenue and it is worth a visit just to check out the quaintness and to sample numerous pasta items. To order the Ravioli Lover’s Bundle, go to this link (in order to make your order deliverable by Christmas, Borgatti’s asks that you order by 12/8): Ravioli Lover’s Bundle.

I recently discovered the wonders of Chocolat Moderne which is a Chelsea-based confectionary boutique. They made stunning hand filled chocolates and truffles and their 12 piece balotins made for Christmas and Chanukah feature some of the most creative fillings out there (not to mention that the chocolate itself is silky smooth). Be wary that if you buy a box of these for yourself, they will not even last a night because these gorgeous looking confections make it hard to eat just one and then close up the box for the night! Each chocolate is a work of art as you can see in the photo above. Flavors in the Chanukah Chic 12-Piece Box (seen on top in the photo above) include coconut macaroon, almond marzipan, pomegranate, halva and apricot rugelach, while those in the Comfort And Joy 12-Piece Box (seen at the bottom of the photo above) include eggnog, blood orange bergamot, chestnut and pumpkin cappuccino. Here is the link to purchase these and other seasonal collections (the 12-piece boxes are $49 each): Chocolate Moderne Seasonal Assortments.

Lady M’s Merry And Bright Advent Calendar Bundle is an online exclusive offering featuring a classic Lady M Signature Mille Crepes cake and a large box of confections in Advent Calendar form from Lady M Bon Bon. This is the ultimate holiday gift for anyone with a sweet tooth! The packaging is divine but what’s inside is even more amazing! Lady M does everything in good taste both figuratively and literally–but I do not have to tell you that. To get down to business on the details of this dynamic Holiday 2021, the Lady M Merry And Bright Advent Calendar is a collectable Advent Calendar features a red and green holiday wreath with luxurious gold foil details, a velvet red blow and a gold chain for hanging. Turn on the LED lights for a sparkling twinkle effect. Pull open the wreath to reveal 24 custom drawers filled with candies and confections from Lady M Bon Bon. (I started Advent a little early thanks to this and a few confections have already gone down the hatch, LOL!) The second item is Lady M’s Signature Mille Crêpes cake which is famous worldwide. In case you have never been able to partake of one of these modern miracles of the cake world, it features paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream. Delicate and irresistible, the top is gently caramelized and perfectly golden. You will save money with this ultimate pairing as well! It is priced at $170 with free shipping and you can order here: Lady M’s Merry And Bright Holiday Advent Calendar Bundle.

Sugarwish leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sweet so now there are even pet treats in their collection! There is everything from training treats to an amazing “soft and chewy” selection and you can mix and match them. Dog Treats Sugarwish packages (which are hand selected by their humans via an emailed Sugarwish gift announcement) include colorful boxes with four to sixteen compartments full of generously portioned treats and they start at $22 for two treats with free postage included. Now these treats are not run of the mill by any standard and are all natural with no added preservatives . Flavors include P-Nut Butter Biscuits, Happy Oat Bears, Liver Lover Hearts, Ginger Pumpkins and Roasted Duck With Orange And Carrots Heart. These honestly look and sound good enough for human consumption! To order a Dog Treats Sugarwish, go to this link (by the way, Sugar Wish has many wonderful holiday treats for humans that you should also check out): Sugarwish Dog Treats.

The NYC-based super baker Bake Me A Wish offers reliable overnight delivery of excellent home baked goods from cookies to amazing layer cakes (they even offer custom products). BMAW also offers virtual gift certificates for executive gifters who cannot decide what to send. No matter how you choose to celebrate, BMAW is one of the most reliable and thoughtful way to enjoy and share high quality, enticing fresh-baked goods with premium and all-natural ingredients this holiday season. BMAW features delicious gourmet gift options including straight from the oven cookies, sumptuous cakes, rich chocolate brownies, exquisite cupcakes, flavorful pies, and luxurious baskets and towers overflowing with fruits, snacks, and gourmet treats. This holiday season’s lineup from Bake Me A Wish! features favorite holiday staples and some newfangled baked goods such as both jumbo and mini holiday cupcakes (including one flavor that is a fun spin on the classic Hostess filled devil’s food cupcake with an incredible chocolate glaze), red velvet layer cake (as seen in the above photo), coconut cream pie, cheesecakes in a variety of flavors, and the world’s most adorable red sack of snowmen cookies called Santa’s Got A Brand New Sack. This items are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what BMAW is serving up for the holidays. Check out everything they have to offer here: I will be celebrating with their plain cheesecake and coconut cream pie and I simply cannot wait. To order the above red velvet cake (priced at $49), go to: Bake Me A Wish Red Velvet Cake.

Seven Sisters Scones is an artisanal bakery putting a modern twist on this classic quick bread. This female-founded “sconery” offers a Naughty Box that includes some seriously creative concoctions, including Cinnamon Fireball, Strawberry Champagne (yes, it has real bubbly in it!), Chocolate Kahlua, and rum-and-ginger beer-infused Dark & Stormy scones. There’s a Nice Box featuring other fan favorites, such as Cranberry Orange, Gingerbread, Maple Pumpkin and Cinnamon Coffee Cake. Each handmade scone is individually packaged an they are made with only the finest artisanal ingredients including fresh herbs, real butter and even your favorite alcohol beverage. Best of all, each product is shipped nationwide within 24 hours of baking! They have recently added a few Vegan/Gluten-Free options to their offerings, by the way. Check out their holiday collection here (a box of a dozen four ounce scones retails for about $66): Seven Sisters Scones Holiday Collection.

While overeating like we all do during the holidays, do not forget to take your vitamins or supplements because they will make a world of difference in how you look and feel everyday. We all need to keep our energy up to prepare for the holidays plus do our everyday job and chores. Persona takes the guessing game out of what vitamins and supplements that you need thanks to their great 10 minute assessment quiz which takes so many of your personal needs into consideration including what prescriptions you have (many people do not realize that certain vitamins and supplements conflict with medicine you may be taking). There are live nutritionists on the Persona Nutrition site 24/7 and they are there to help you tweak your two daily Persona Nutrition facts and to talk about anything nutrition related. The Appetite Support is a real game changer and helped me lose 59 pounds during the pandemic, so I strongly recommend them to get your fitness A game back in the coming year. The average cost of a 28 day supply of your custom packs is about $65 which is actually cheaper than buying separate bottles of all the nutritional products that you need. For more information, go to

I can’t let the holiday go by without picking out a great wine that would really impress anyone dining at home with you or hosting you this Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Larkmead 2018 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (SRP: $125) is a wine that has gotten remarkable grades from Wine Enthusiast and from numerous other wine publications and websites. (Wine Enthusiast rated it a 97 overall!) Some of you will prefer to not share their bottle at all and just get one as a holiday gift for yourself–and I cannot blame you! It is THAT good! Drink your Larkmead 2018 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon now to enjoy the wine’s youthful transparency, or feel free to cellar it for 10-plus years as it will evolve and blossom into secondary and tertiary aromas and flavors of a classic Napa Valley wine from the 1970s. You can order this timeless wine here but keep in mind that only 1,589 cases were made so it won’t be available to purchase indefinitely: Larkmead 2018 Cab.

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