How Did I Live Without Persona All These Years?

I have been using the Persona Nutrition program since I was introduced to it at a chic press lunch at New York’s Tavern On The Green about a year ago. One of the promises made at the event by the company’s president and founder Jason Brown would be that subscribers would have more energy than before and I can guarantee you that this statement is true! The foundational multivitamin that everyone gets in their 28 day box of customized packaged capsules gets all your basics in there as well as lutein which is great for eyes and zinc which is great for skin (people with acne know what I am talking about). The heightened energy levels come from mainly that your body is simply more balanced with their foundation multivitamin and that it contains 417 per cent of the adult daily value of B-12. I am sure some of the other vitamins and minerals in there naturally give you a boost as well, especially chromium.

It costs about $80-$85 per month to get a Persona Nutrition subscription but many months subscribers are offered 20 per cent off plus they get $25 for any new customers that come on board. If you bought all the different supplements and vitamins given to you in your four week package, I can guarantee that they would cost more—plus you would not have the peace of mind given to you by the fact that you took a ten minute quiz at the beginning to determine what your body needs at this stage of the game or have 24 hour online nutritionists to chat with at anytime on the Persona site.

It means a great deal to me that I was able to pick out supplements to not only meet my nutritional needs but was also able to get a special hair, skin and nail vitamin combo capsule and additional chromium to keep my appetite down. There are great supplements that are hard to find for people who do not want to take in any fish products, and the star in this arena for Persona is their Vegan DHA.

The other important reasons for subscribing to Persona are that they are one of the few vitamin companies that not only customize your plan and take out all the guess work but their nutritionists make sure that nothing you are recommended conflicts with either prescriptions or other supplements you are taking. Far too many of us go to a health food or mass merchandiser/big box store just buying supplements in a silly billy fashion not knowing if ingredients will cancel each other out, or even worse, do harm to our health. Persona often donates whole days worth of sales to charities like Vitamin Angels which gives Vitamin A to impoverished children around the world.

I like that Persona sources their ingredients in the US and guarantees that their vitamins and supplements are the freshest you can get. The fact that you have two packs a day actually marked “night” and “day” to take that come on one continuous “loop” keeps your intake regular. There is no forgetting that you took something like what happens when you randomly take your vitamins and supplements out of bottles. For those that are calorie conscious, there are no sugar or fats added to anything that Persona makes so each day and night packet is generally only 10 calories and “keto safe.” If I have whetted your appetite to try Persona, I am glad because you will not be disappointed. Right now you can get 30 per cent off your first two orders (info is at the very top of the Persona home page as we go to press). Be sure to let me know how you are feeling about a week or two into your first box! I bet you will even have enough energy to restart that exercise program that you gave up during the recent quarantine! I am most impressed not only by my aforementioned better energy levels but by the way my hair has become thicker and nails stronger.

For more info on Persona’s custom vitamin revolution, speak to one of their nutritionists or make your first order, go to

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  1. ANNE RASO says:

    I want to add that your monthly “prescription” of vitamins and supplements can be changed free of charge at any time by speaking to any of the nutritionists available on the Persona Nutrition site at any time.

  2. Anne Raso says:

    Just a reminder that you can discuss how you are feeling with your current “prescription” of monthly vitamins with a nutritionist free at any time right on the Persona Nutrition site.

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    I think you have noted some very interesting details , thanks for the post.

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