Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide—Six Sexy Yet Practical Picks!

Most people wait until the last minute to buy their significant other a Valentine’s Day gift so we have a few ideas that might make things a little easier if you are in a pinch. These can all get to you in only a day or two because these folks are known for superfast shipping!

My favorite brand of luxury chocolates is Maison Du Chocolat and they have four flavors that are just in their V-Day boxes including ones with special vanilla caramel, passionfruit, hazelnut and vanilla marshmallow filling. I recently ate almost a dozen of these at their recent pre- Valentine’s Day press tea in their chic store at 79th and Madison. Just so you know, you can buy these V-Day flavored chocolates loose from behind the counter at Maison Du Chocolate stores but here is my idea for the ultimate romantic interlude–take your loved one for pastries, coffee or tea at the in-house cafe in the back of the your local Maison Du Chocolat store and then treat them to a box of their favorite chocolates from behind the counter in front. Chocolates are about $80 pound and there are many artistic V-Day presentations/boxes available. Go to for more info.

If you are on a budget and want to do your V-Day shopping at a Duane Reade or local drug store, our favorite drug store skincare brand (which also has V-Day appropriate pink packaging) is Soap & Glory. The Daily Smooth Body Butter and Lotion are steals at around $10-$12 and have soft, lightly floral scents but more importantly, both the scent and the moisture that your skin gets by using these products lasts all day. You will be amazed! Go to their website and check out their wonderful palettes (which also make great V-Day gifts and are a real “bang for a buck”)– might not seem romantic but I think that buying someone their monthly health supplements is a practical is a nice move. Serovital Advanced was just launched and it it the natural next step in the progression of the popular Serovital line. Without getting complicated, Serovital contains contains a patented proprietary blend that works on the pituitary gland, giving you more energy and younger looking skin. The new Advanced product aids with weight loss not only by giving your metabolism a kick but by curtailing your appetite with natural herbs. Don’t forget the third great product which was launched last year–Serovital Hair Regeneres, which helps with hair thickness and actually reverses graying. Serovital products cost about $90 to $120 for a one month supply and can be ordered at

Does you guy always seem to be losing his wallet? Well, he needs a wallet with a digital tracker in it and our favorite brand is Ekster. They have plenty of classic genuine leather men’s wallets in an array of colors that generally cost about $89. They tracking card has the added benefit of blocking against skimming and private theft data. These wallets weigh only a few ounces without the tracking card so you know you won’t wind up with lumpy pockets–and best of all, you can fit 4-6 credit cards in the RFID-proof cardholder and at least four in the other pockets. Visit to order.

Melissa Ugly Sneakers ($139) are fun unisex sneakers that come in several fun color combos. What makes them special besides their funky look is that they are 100 per cent rain proof and 100 per cent plastic. I have yo add that my go-to everyday flats are by Melissa and I find that their plastic soles last much longer than either faux or real leather. I have put about 100 miles on one pair and there is no sign of them being worn at all. You will also love how bad weather does not affect Melissa Shoes in the least. Who needs corny old-fashioned “wellies” when Melissa can get you through the rain is much grander and funky style! They are a huge trend in Europe and have been slower to pick up in the US but now they have many successful stores here in the US (my favorite being the flagship store a 500 Broadway). You can also order Melissa on Amazon and at They have had many guest designers like Vivienne Westwood and Commes Des Garcons, so be sure to keep your eye on their sites for future cool callabos.

I recently discovered Elle Jewelry at the aforementioned press tea in the Maison Du Chocolat store a couple of weeks ago. I was impressed not only with the incredible quality of the crystals that they use but their simple, sophisticated styles (not to mention that their metal used is rhodium plated sterling silver). Elle has something for every occasion and their crystals truly look like real diamonds. The price tags are between $40 and $100 so you can’t go wrong. Elle Jewelry is a spinoff of Hearst Publications’ Elle Magazine so you just know that they are on the cutting-edge of fashion trends without being over the top. Check them out at By the way, they have some killer semi-precious stones in the current collection including a lot in unusual colors and textures that I guarantee you have never seen before!

And beyond my top six picks are the very sexy refillable lipsticks from Bond No. 9. I rate this my top choice for a “V-Day Gift On The Go” that is a real crowd pleaser. There is a shade of red lipstick for every complexion in this new product introduction! Yes, this is the very first time the legendary Bond No. 9 has ventured into lip color! The tube is gold, weighty and elegant–and comes on a lovely chain that can be attached to a handbag–I cannot think of a better way to keep a lipstick as it sure beats scrambling around in the bottom of your bag when you need to reapply. The helpful staff will help you pick a color and I strongly recommend ordering in person at the NYC Bond flagship store at (where else) 9 Bond Street because it is one of the most creatively designed fragrance stores in the world and seems inspired by every design movement from Art Deco to Pop Art. Price of the new lipsticks is a pricey $105 but you get a free refill; the formula is ultra long lasting. For more info, go to

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