All About Altreno: The Launch Of The New Game Changing Acne Treatment At The Harvard Club

Contrary to what you might think, not that many prescription acne products are introduced each year so the recent launch of Altreno Lotion from Ortho Dermatologics was a very big deal–especially since it is aimed at women. (Four times as many women suffer from acne then men!) This elegant, silky feeling tretinoin lotion spreads smoothly and can be worked into any skincare regime and you can be confident that it works because it’s from the same folks who brought you the game changing Retin A 30 plus years ago!Legendary NYC dermatologist Dr. Doris Day was on hand at the press launch at the Harvard Club that I attended along with 60 other beauty journalists to field questions about the correct usage of Altreno and she did say that a thin layer of the product should be put on before any serum, night cream or moisturizer (suggested usage is once per day). This “cash pay” product is not covered by insurance and costs a straight up at $115 at any pharmacy–a tube lasts two to three months used daily. The fact that it is basically scentless and is suitable for any skin type also makes it appealing.Additional ingredients that enhance the 0.05 per cent trentinoin lotion are solluable collagen, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate (which are all known for their hydration effects). While Altreno is being marketed as a product for adult acne it has proven to be a revolutionary product for all degrees of acne in patients of all ages. I love the fact that it actually unclogs pores and regulates the flow of sebum, which are remarkable benefit for those who still have shiny noses with blackheads on our noses in our 50s and beyond. Altreno is officially approved for ages nine and up, by the way.In case you are not familiar with trentinoin, it is revolutionary because it works by increasing epithelial cell turnover, thereby renewing the skin to clear up acne. Who should not be using Altreno? Only a handful of acne prone people, thankfully! As expected, it is not for the pregnant or breastfeeding because it has not been determined how Altreno could affect a child. It is also not recommended for those patients who are allergic to fish (as the lotion contains fish proteins), or those with sunburn or eczema. Side effects do include dryness, peeling and redness in some patients and keeping sun exposure minimal is also recommended by Dr. Day and other leading dermatologists who helped develop Altreno.As a fun “side activity” at the Altreno press launch, guests got aura readings via computer. They not only got copies of their aura photos as pictured above but got a ten page interpretation on what the colors mean emailed out later. There was also a “five minute portrait” artist on hand and everyone was gifted with a lighted magnifying mirror to keep an eye on their own skin.It was a real treat to not only learn about Altreno and even test it on our hands (without the active ingredients since it is an RX product) but to be able to attend an event in the remarkably historic Harvard Club Mahogany Room–it was once a billiards room where presidents played other dignataries and downed a cocktail or two. You can find out more about Altreno at While you are there, be sure to check out this leading pharmaceutical brand’s other groundbreaking products for acne, actinic keratosis, atopic dermatitis, cold sores, nail fungus and more.

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