Vera Bradley Handbags–The Right Choice!

Not only are Vera Bradley bags durable and lightweight, but they make a style for every taste. Whether you have a hipster mom or a traditional mom, they have something that will knock her socks off–and have all the space and pockets she could dream about, even on their smaller sized style. To the left is the shoulder bag style that I am currently using. I love polka dots and anything black–and this suits me to a T. On-the-go New Yorkers will love this because of all the zipper compartments (including two in the front) and the soft feel of the cotton fabric. The polka dots have a retro feel and are right “on trend.” If your mom is like me and is putting stuff in her bag all day while she is walking around town, she will go crazy for this. I failed to mention that VB bags are always at a reasonable price point. To order, go to or For those who like to shop in person, Macy’s always has a huge assortment of Vera’s very best!

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