The Fashion Bomb Daily NYFW Show: Always Surprisingly Quirky, Creative And Fashion Forward!

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the highly anticipated twice yearly Fashion Bomb Daily NYFW show aka The Bomb Fashion Show, brought to you by the folks at Fashion Bomb Daily Magazine. The show started out with an hour pre-show party in a back room that included red carpet photo ops. There were three specialty cocktails and fabulous vanilla cupcakes but I was there to watch the fashionistas who were in everything from sequins to fringe to classic Chanel looks.

The show featured 10 designers whose styles you can see in the current issue of Fashion Bomb Daily Magazine. There were plenty of amazing, brightly colored and cheerful styles both on the runway and at the preparty and you can see from this guest’s Barbie inspired poufy minidress in the above photo!

Here was the night’s lineup in order—the models for each designer brand came out after a fabulous performance by a professional level high school marching band and dancers:

1. Jolie Duzon

2. CBN Chicago

3. Fayah Athletics

4. Delisa Rose

5. Bruce & Glen


Big Boss Vette Performance


7. Tashee

8. The Fur and Leather Centre

9. Allison Elizabeth Brown

10. Don Morphy

Here is one of my favorite moments from the Fashion Bomb Daily show (I love when the models all line up and walk the runway at the end of any NYFW show). You could not help but smile when you see colors and patterns this bold. These designs were by Fayah Athletics, known for their comfortable stretchy fabrics and use of recycled fibers.

Another great use of colorful patterns and fabrics were on the styles in the line called Julie Duzon By Zillah Duzon-Hazel. This line had the most swimsuits, cover ups and summer/cruise wear. This line is stocked in exclusive boutiques around the world and it’s easy to see that Ms. Duzon-Hazel gets a lot of her inspiration from the clothing worn in her home country of St. Maarten.

The elegant gowns by Delisa Rose were mind blowingly classy and you do not have to have a model’s body to look good in them! It was great to see formal wear of this fine quality in the show! The neutral tones were a beautiful contrast against the intricate beadwork and other types of embellishment!

As you can see from the photo above, there were amazing sponsors who sponsored the contents of the gift bags on each seat. Included in the bags were clip in braids by Slayy, electric toothbrushes by Big Mouth (as seen on Shark Tank), haircare products by Mielle and Boujee Belly Bands that could also be used as waist trainers and more.

I failed to add that many guests enjoyed the sideline attractions such as this 3D photo op as much as the clothing on the runway. There was not only the step and repeat at the pre show in a private room but two on the sides of the main room at Chelsea Industrial that hosted the show! I will be back next year! I have never seen such enthusiasm from a NYFW for anything! I suggest going to fashion on to learn more about the designers in this show and it might just make you want to attend next New York Fashion Week!

Article by anne241

Hardcore NYer who loves to enjoy the good life here in the Big Apple and beyond!