On September 13th, 2023, Frederick Anderson debuted his Spring/Summer 2024 collection at NYFW, featuring elegant lines and alluring silhouettes through ballet-inspired and sultry tailoring with textures redefined by structure and contrast. Master Hair Stylist Edward Tricomi of the Warren Tricomi Salon was moved by the Swan Lake inspired collection and brought a 70s twist to the show’s overall hair look by putting afro-styled wigs on all the models with unique color stories for each walk.


●        STEP 1First, I spray the natural hair down with hairspray

●        STEP 2: I then part and french braid the hair tightly into 2-3 braids, depending on hair type.

●        STEP 3: Once the hair is braided I pin the ends of the braids flat against the head. Next apply the wig and adjust accordingly to ensure it sits along the hairline. Once you like the placement, secure it to the head and braids underneath with long hair pins.

●        STEP 4: I pull out sections of the afro unevenly to create a dimensional, unique look by fluffing with a pick and using my fingers to shape. 



●        First Walk: Blonde


●        Second Walk: White


●        Third Walk: Black


About Warren Tricomi Salon:

Since the brand was established in 1989, Warren Tricomi perfects the art and science of absolute hair transformation. Cofounded by Edward Tricomi (Master Stylist) and Roxana Pintilie (Business Magnate), the duo opened its first flagship store in 2008 at the world-renowned New York Plaza. Since its inception, the brand has sprawled into 3 U.S. (Upper East Side NYC, East Hampton, & Greenwich, CT) and 9 international salons, and it continues to thrive and serve as the emblem of legendary status in the beauty industry. Visit the salon’s website, which is

About Edward Tricomi:

With decades of experience in fashion and beauty, Edward Tricomi brings his depth of knowledge, skill, and artistry to create unparalleled style, the French “sexy is cool” perspective to hairstyling where he performs his infamous, high precision haircuts. Edward Tricomi is an artist, moving his brush with the individual as his canvas. His talent has garnered the trust and loyalty of a sophisticated clientele of followers ranging from socialites and celebrities to CEO’s and influencers. His vision is about making clients look and feel themselves, bringing his expert technique and passion to create individual, beautiful results. This artistry translates into the salons Tricomi has created, sanctuaries of beauty in unique surroundings, built upon great service, transformative haircutting & color with attention to detail. The staff, which is impeccably talented, is a mixture of nationalities and varied skills. Tricomi is a stickler for training new stylists who serve apprenticeships in the European manner before they put scissors to hair. He is frank about what hairstyles or color will suit a client and suggests which stylist is host for their needs. Edward’s mission has always been to ensure that the best of his creative approach translates to an exclusive experience at Warren Tricomi.

About Frederick Anderson:

Designer Frederick Anderson started his first company fresh out of FIT and after 20 successful years in the industry, he is finally working on his own singular vision of clothing, selling, and ultimately how he see’s women dressing and living today. His attitude towards his clientele is: “The Frederick Anderson woman lives in the world and not in her home. She loves life and lives her life to the fullest. She writes her own rules in dressing and in life.”

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