John Paul Dejoria: His Latest Venture Brings Out The Bloggers En Masse

I was lucky enough to attend John Paul Dejoria’s presentation at The National restaurant’s conference room about his latest investment project, Aubio Cold Sore Treatment Gel and Lip Balm. The gel is an all natural formulation that users (including people in Dejoria’s office) swear makes cold/fever sores disappear overnight while the balm help prevents them. (The gel is stronger than the lip balm, and some users–including Dejoria’s wife–love it so much that they have started applying it on canker sores and blemishes with phenomenal results as well.)

JPD is worth over three billion dollars but he is very selective about projects he takes on–he truly cares about the helping people and making sure the environment is not harmed by the production of his products. He has not only John Paul Mitchell hair products which have been on top of the hair game for over 30 years now, but he has Patrone, the #1 tequila in the world even though it’s priced at a very reasonable $30.

Dejoria was kind enough to grant every blogger in the room a personal interview and photo op if they wanted one–and also told us about his big new “top secret” investment, which I hope to report back here about in the near future.

As we go to press, the Aubio Life Sciences people are doing research on skin products using the same botanicals as in the cold sore gel and lip balm. Hopefully, those products will beon the shelves next year. Dejoria is very hands-on with the development of these products and in the photo to the immediate left you can see him taking a meeting with Aubio execs on his company’s privatejet

You can purchase Aubio products at Target and other mass retailers. For more info, go to

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