The Launch Of Egg-Q! The World’s Easiest And Most Concise Fertility Test!

I was able to enjoy a mani at the chic Caravan Style Studio in the Gregory Hotel while I discussed the new EggQ test with its founder and spokesperson Silvia Mestre. It is actually her husband, Dr. Hernandez Ray–a Miami-based OB-GYN at the highly-rated Conception Florida in Miami–who developed the test.

The test is simple. You pay $249 for the test online, fill out a health questionnaire and go to one of the Conception partner centers which are nationwide for an AMH blood test. Egg-Q is really not merely an infertility test.

Egg-Q tests the quality of ht your eggs and you get a phone call or in person consultation about your results a week after giving your blood sample; a doctor advises you on the next step you need to take if you want to conceive. You will also be getting expert advice from a fertility specialist about getting your eggs frozen if that is the course you want to take after getting your result. (One cycle of egg freezing through Conception or their affiliates in $8,900.) The EGG-Q test is only available at The site has a great FAQ section that explains in simple terms how the test works, how long it takes and future options. You can now save 20 per cent at check out with the code EGGQ.

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