I Picked Up “Wings Fever” At Buffalo Wild Wings In Times Square (BUT FELL IN LOVE WITH THE STREET TACOS, TOO)

I am a huge buffalo wings fan, so when I had the chance to check out the Buffalo Wild Wings location in Times Square on West 47th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue, I jumped on it. It is not only a wings haven, but a sports fan haven as well. It must have the largest amount of big screens of any restaurant or bar in the city–I counted more than 20 jumbo screens on the walls and didn’t even count what I saw behind the bar. All seemed to be turned to the World Series except for one, which was featuring their trivia game where you can win food and drinks.

Their staff recommended the Street Tacos to me and they were a total wow! They featured tender garlic and olive oil sauteed white meat chicken chunks with fresh greens, cilantro, onions and pico de gallo and they can go head to head with any taco you will find in Manhattan or elsewhere. The soft corn tortillas used seemed to be fresh baked for an additional wow factor.  My dining partner also got the loaded potatoes which were skin on and topped with scallions and cheddar and fell madly in “cheesy love”! This is perfect for a few people to share!

The two wing dishes I ordered were both boneless but diners have their choose of with or without bones. I wanted to try both mild and spicy so I partook of the the Sweet BBQ and Asian Zing wings, which were moderately spicy. Both sets of wings were battered and fried before getting a big dose of homemade sauce that was just lovely. The Sweet BBQ sauce had a beautiful honey-like taste and the Asian Zing featured a blend of soy sauce and garlic and these wings reminded me a lot of General Tsao’s Chicken featured in a lot of Chinese restaurants. The portions were very large and super-shareable!

For dessert, my dining partner Gail and I shared the Cheesecake Bites, which were rather light but in a good way. It is real NY style cheesecake battered and baked and they taste freshly made. They are hard to describe other than to say that are light and super creamy at the same time, and the perfect ending to a great wings and tacos feast at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings has a beautiful roof on the third floor that is perfect for entertaining large groups of people or renting out for your private party. The main room is an impressive three stories tall and has a festive atmosphere. There is a lot of cheering for the games. I am not a sports fan, but I will definitely be back to try some more of the wings, re-order the Street Tacos and to try their burgers which have gotten a lot of good ink on social media lately.

For more info, go to http://www.buffalowildwings.com. It is located at 253 West 47th Street and is just a hop, skip and a jump from the N or R train at 49th and Broadway (be sure to exit on the 47th Street side). Reservations are not necessary and dress is casual. Buffalo Wild Wings is totally family friendly and there are smaller entrees for kids. Your kids will not only be wowed by the boneless wings and chicken nuggets but all the giant TV screens!

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