What’s New At Clarins–And What Makes Them So Classic? (Quality + Innovation!

I love Clarins simply because their skincare stands the test of time. Their Huile Tonic Body Treatment is just a wonderful product to rub all over yourself in the morning to get your skin soft and your senses flowing. It smells of lavender, fennel and assorted flowers and is one of the most distinctive scents in all of the luxury skincare “kingdom.” I am also a massive lover of Clarins Flash Balm–the ultimate anti-aging moisturizer that doubles as the world’s best primer. When this product was introduced a few years ago, it flew off the shelves immediately and remains a bestseller to this day!

I recently tried several of the Joli Rouge lip shades. I fell in love with Soft Berry (pictured to the left) and I swear that this color would look good on ANYONE. It lasts for six hours, makes your lips feel supersoft and actually has a top conditioning layer. This is well worth THE $27 as I have been using this everyday for six weeks and I am not even 1/8th done with the pretty gold tube!

I have been diving into the Super Restorative Remodelling Serum. It has the hefty price tag of $130 but it does all three things that it says it will do. It replenishes, remodels (i.e. lifts) and fades age spots. The pretty pink lotion smells very delicate; you will love using it just for the subtle scent.

I will be digging into some more of the Restorative line in the near future! There are so many products and I am never disappointed in this classic tried and true French line

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