Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Quick Picks That You Can’t Go Wrong With!

Here is a quick selection of a dozen or so items that are real crowd pleasing items. All items are $25 to $399 so they are also affordable to the average person. If you are in the market for stocking stuffers, some of them might even fit into a holiday stocking.

I am crazy about Bluetooth ear buds that actually stay in your ears! I walk 10K steps per day and got tired of having my ear buds pop out in the middle of midtown sidewalks—that is why I was so happy to come across Sennheiser True Wireless Sport ear buds at a recent Pepcom event. The sound is amazing (in keeping with Sennheiser’s longtime great reputation among audiophiles) and they come with a really cool black charging case plus can withstand even huge amount splashes of water or sweat! The True Wireless ear buds are reduced from $149 to $99 right now on the official Sennheiser site—order yours here:

You can never be too secure when you’re on the internet, and Yubico YubiKeys give you the extra layer of security that you need. Yubico YubiKeys are physical security keys designed for two-factor authentication. They provide an extra layer of security by requiring users to physically insert the key into a device, along with entering a password. YubiKeys support various authentication protocols, including FIDO2 and U2F, enhancing online security for users by reducing the risk of unauthorized access. These keys are compact, durable, and widely used for securing accounts and sensitive information. Order the pictured here for $50 (but you can also take a quiz to find the key that is best for you on this site):

If your loved ones are losing their hearing but refuse to wear hearing aids, help them tune back into the world with ClearCast™ – the first doctor-designed Category 2 FDA-registered assisted listening device. This discreet, easy-to-use, affordable solution amplifies conversations while also tuning out background noise, enabling clear listening for television programs, dinner-table conversations, podcasts, sermons, lectures and other scenarios. Simply slip on the neckband, insert the earbuds, and adjust the volume to hear conversations through the microphone inside the neckband. For more severe hearing loss or when the speaker is farther away, place the separate wireless mic near the source of the sound and it will route the conversation directly to the earbuds. There’s need to fiddle with hearing aids or wear the ClearCast all day – just use it when you need it. Ideal for homebound seniors. Purchase here for $399.99 (there is a money back guarantee on satisfaction):

I have been wearing one of The Goddaughters’ Zodiac Universe rings ever since I discovered them at the recent Accessories Council Holiday Preview and I have gotten compliments on it nearly everyday! Each ring has a fabulous bling factor thanks to high end CZs and is uniquely designed for each zodiac sign’s constellation. (In other words, the stones are placed differently in each sign’s ring.) Each ring’s layered connecting circles symbolize the infinite nature of energy that connects us all in this universe. There is a heart (representing love) on each side of the ring pulling the design all together. I like that each Zodiac Universe ring has slight variations in size and shape, celebrating the originality of each zodiac constellation alignment. I am a Scorpio and my ring is big and bold, just like Scorps’ personalities! The Goddaughters’ designs are called “wearable art for the soul” on their website and you will fall in love not only with the Zodiac Universe rings; but with their other very personal and unique jewelry choices. Order your Zodiac Universe Ring here for $190:

The new Isotoner Tech Stretch Gloves With smarTouch are a perfect active style for men on the go! These stretch gloves offer superior flexibility and more warmth without added bulk. The palm patches and touch screen friendly construction will make these chic gloves a favorite cold weather companion for the guys in your life. These Isotoner gloves are mainly created from SmartDri, which is a unique fabric that lets a guy’s hands stay warm and dry (as it repels water extremely well) while SmarTech delivers superior touchscreen capabilities. I hear that these are also great for driving! Order here for $52:

I was lucky enough to go to a preview of Under Armour’s winter lines a couple of months ago and got introduced to SlipSpeed sneakers. I have not looked back since that day and even went out to purchase more colors (I started out with solid black but today I am rocking a yellow pair). This is the most comfortable, lightest sneaker that I have ever worn and I love to wear them during my daily 10,000 steps walk. Most of the adult styles are priced at about $150 and they are worth every cent because they not only feel great but the soles wear out slower than other brands. You can see a classic pair here that is available in a ton of great colors but also make sure to check out all of Under Armour’s fashionable and durable yoga clothing, which I also love: UA SlipSpeed.

Get the best of both worlds with the Lucyd Starlyte Smart Glasses from the Lyte 2.0 collection. Perfectly combining timeless eyewear design with cutting-edge technology, these glasses offer immersive four-speaker audio, intuitive touch controls, and 12 hours of music and calls per charge. I care as much about the great styling as I do the sound quality. The Starlyte style has that classic RayBan Wayfarer look that looks great on all face shapes and is truly unisex. You can get these on sale for on both the Lucyd website and Amazon right now in anticipation of holiday giving. Narrow sizes are available as well! Order here on sale for $199 with an additional 15 per cent off for new customers: (There is also an RX version available.)

I fell in love with Fat Brain Toy Co.’s Pretendables Pizza Set the minute I first laid eyes on it. The pieces are just so realistic and it is so fun to play with! The felt toppings stick to the hook-and-loop spots of the pizza slices. Kids can use the peel to slide the pizza in and out of the oven, then use the pizza cutter and the spatula to serve it fresh onto the two plates for two hungry customers. The oven doubles as a storage box and overall, playing with this colorful set encourages fine motor skills!Parents will appreciate the high quality materials and construction. Order here for $49.99 (free gift wrapping is being offered right now as well):

This is my top stocking stuffer for Christmas 2023 because like many other people, my wool and cashmere sweaters are constantly covered with lint! Smaller than a glasses case, the Gleener® Compact Travel Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush is a must-have for wardrobe and upholstery touch-ups. The 3 different Fabric Safe Edges™ eliminate pilling, lint and pet hair from virtually all fabrics. Each edge is designed to gently revive a different type of fabric, from big and bulky, to medium, and delicate. The integrated lint brush picks up pet hair, dusts away dandruff and can be used to beautifully finish any de-pilling job. Extend the life of your favorite clothing and home textiles without the need for expensive and toxic batteries. Gleener is ready when you are, with a travel-friendly size which is smaller than a glasses case with the extra edges stowed inside. Choose Gleener and feel good about buying less and making it last. Buy here for $13.99:

My favorite ornament benefitting a charitable cause for Holiday 2923 is the Hotels With A Heart hand blown glass ornament sold at NH and NH Collection hotels. Incredibly, these pretty ornaments are made from 100% lead-free recycled soda bottles by skilled glass-blowing artisans; they not only benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital but are good for the environment. The “Holidays with a Heart” gift-boxed ornaments are available for purchase at the front desk of each hotel for $20 each while supplies last. The NH hotels will also be giving comped rooms to St. Jude families. Learn more about this chic hotel line with a heart here:

Walmart threw an a festive holiday bash in Chelsea to celebrate the premiere of their 24 part mini series Add To Heart which you can now see on YouTube and TikTok (a new episode will be dropping every day). I was lucky enough to attend and it has been the best holiday party that I have attended so far this year! All 24 parts of the mini series were shown followed by a Q&A with the director and lead actors. What is so interesting about the Add To Heart mini series is that you can buy all 338 items shown on camera at Walmart! Some of the items were on display at the party I attend and you can see them in my photo above. There is everything from silver mock croc boots to reindeer costumes to Dolly Parton Christmas cookie mix for sale! To find out more about and to shop the collections from the series, visit

Every since seeing Big Barker dog beds at the recent Total Home holiday preview for influencers, I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind. There were some sample dog beds on display at The Big Barker booth and they felt so velvety to the touch that I wanted to ask if they would consider making them for humans, LOL! What makes these dog beds so special is that they have triple-layer foam that supports big dogs, wrapping their joints in total comfort. The core layer provides a small amount of give, sustaining comfort and preventing him from hitting the hard floor. These are a bit more expensive than the typical dog beds that you find in pet stores but on average, they last an incredible 10 years! You will also love the fact that there are special Big Barkers for inside crates and for the back of SUVs and for inside crates! You can purchase different slipcovers including ones with different dog coat patterns (the Dalmatian pattern really comes to life with a real Dalmatian laying on it, LOL)! When ordering, you get to pick a size based on the size of your dog as well as color and configuration (the most popular being the sofa style). Order the sofa style here for $329 (you can get a special cooling layer and your dog’s name embroidered on the front for an additional $40 and $25 respectively):

Horses want swag at Christmas, too! A really good horse toy can actually be a learning and anti-anxiety tool! Pictured above are Horsemen’s Pride’s Equine Jolly Tug, 10” Jolly Ball and just about the cutest horse toy that I have ever seen, the Jolly Stall Snack Combo. The Jolly Stall Snack Combo with Apple Scented Ball helps reduce boredom and increase well-being in your stalled equine buddy. This two-in-one horse treat holder and toy features an 8-inch, apple-scented ball toy and can quickly be hung in your horse’s stall. With multi-directional movement to keep your horse entertained, she’ll find life in the barn less stressful and more fun, helping to cut back on negative behavior like cribbing or weaving. And the durable construction ensures extended use, while the easy-to-use treat holder (treat sold separately) is a simple way to give her a nutritious treat in her stall. Order here for $60.99: JOLLY STALL SNACK COMBO. Equine Jolly Tug is sure to provide hours of fun and exercise for your horse, which will help reduce boredom and better the life of your horse. Constructed with a 14″ inflatable ball inside of a tough, machine washable Cordura Nylon cover. 2 handles so that multiple horses can play together, you can play tug with your horse, or simply your horse has easier access to pick up the ball. The durable Cordura Nylon material, along with rope inside the handles makes this product stand up to the toughest of horses. Order here on sale for $45.99: Equine Jolly Tug. The 10” Jolly Ball helps alleviate stall boredom. Crafted using durable materials, it’s made to last. And unlike other ball toys, this one features an air-free design, maintaining its shape even if punctured from chewing or from playing. This versatile toy’s handle has a large hole for hanging in stalls or throwing in pasture. It’s made in the USA with safe materials and has multiple scents that horses love. Order here for $27.99: 10” Jolly Ball.

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry online and said, “I just have to have that”? I felt that way when I saw the above Cambre ring on You can get this dramatic ring featuring a gorgeous freshwater pearl in rhodium, yellow gold or rose gold finishes and they all are stunning! The Cambre ring is truly a work of art and its ridges were inspired by drapery although the design kind of looks like the waves in a waterfall to me. All of Plaitly’s jewelry is digitally designed by Caroline Quinio who has unique concepts, to say the least! Caroline has a master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University and this connection really shines through in all of her original creations. Her unique and beautiful jewelry designs have been describes as “true wearable art that tells a story.” You can order the Cambre ring in whatever finish that you desire for $199.99 and then peruse Caroline’s entire collection on this link: CAMBRE RING.

I love Liverpool Los Angeles’ Boyfriend Blazer With Princess Darts because it is a real “go to” piece that dresses up and elevates anything that you are wearing underneath! The Maple color pictured here looks so great against jeans or a nice black dress! Spreading holiday cheer, Liverpool’s apparel is sure to make you best dressed this winter, whether you want to be comfortable at home, best-dressed at your friend’s NYE party, or travel to Aspen. Liverpool LA’s collections and products are ahead of the game to make you a trend-setter this season. Everything on the Liverpool transcends age groups—there is truly something for everyone. Order the above Boyfriend Blazer With Princess Darts in several colors on this link (price is $119):

One of my favorite gifts for the gals I know is a great sweater dress that never goes out of style, always fits because it stretches and can be dressed up or down! I found the perfect style in Zoe by SUPESU. It is cool and chic plus is made with a tight knit fabric that is extra warm! You have the choice of getting this amazing dress with or without pockets (the latter style is a bit more form-fitting). The material is composed of 30% Polyester, 25% Nylon, 41% Rayon and 4% Spandex making it easy to wipe out spots with a little Dawn dish soap and hot water. Hang dry for the best wrinkle free results. Presently Zoe is on sale for $44 in three different color ways and you can order here (be quick because they are selling out fast):

Pictured above are six of the legendary Bebe’s sexy yet sophisticated holiday looks! The brand has some super cute dresses that just landed on their own website as well as on and, and all pieces are under $200! The tops that just landed have a unique retro “boudoir” look that can be dressed up or down and that even look great with jeans when you need to elevate your daytime look! What makes Bebe super special for Christmas is that they have the most diverse choices of red dresses out there! Here is a link to them (you might have to buy five or six of these and you’re lucky that they are all 20 per cent off right now): BEBE RED HOLIDAY DRESSES.

Speaking of Bebe, their sunglasses also come in a great diversity of styles and are super sturdy! I feel that they do not get the fanfare that they deserve! Priced at about $70 to $150, they have a very fair price point and really protect your eyes! Pictured above is one of my favorites that has just the right touch of bling! This is the perfect stocking stuffer for that lady in your life who likes a bit of drama in her eyewear. The pictured style is called Gemstone sunglasses and they deliver a jaw-dropping glam look with a feminine cat-eye shape in black over crystal embedded handmade acetate. Buy here for $159 (the Bebe website has 20 per cent off everything at the time of this writing): BEBE GEMSTONE SUNGLASSES.

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