Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Unique & Exciting Quick Picks!

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without roses and I am amazed by the quality of the rose bouquets on They are not only gorgeous and mix many different varieties of roses, but they last and last. The last bouquet that I got from them looked great for about 2.5 weeks. I have never had a bouquet or arrangement wver last that long. While they have numerous red rose bouquets for Valentine’s Day, I am partial to the pink roses—and the bouquet called Gracie featuring two dozen heirloom garden roses is “just what the doctor ordered”! It’s a collection of garden roses in bold, bright colors with ombré petals and deep cupped blooms. These pink roses are full of personality and will delight whomever is gifted these extraordinary blooms. These roses have velvety soft petals that open fully to reveal every shade of pink imaginable. At Grace Rose Farm, each bouquet of garden roses are cut-to-order to ensure the freshest blooms. Of course they have classic red ones like the deluxe three dozen bundle for $299 shown as the lead photo for this post. Order Gracie here for $169: GRACIE BOUQUET.

Have someone in your life who is an anti-aging skincare maniac? Well, Dermabeam offers the most comfortable and aesthetically designed light therapy devices on the market. Dermabeam Pro is currently the only light therapy mask in the world that combines the following features: comfort, lightweight, cordless, and offers eye goggles for protection. The masks are created with medical-grade LEDs to energize skin cells for healthier, more radiant skin. Dermabeam is non-invasive, painless, and safe for all skin types. It stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, increases blood flow and circulation, fades sunspots and hyperpigmentation, improves skin elasticity and wound healing, and reduces acne, redness and inflammation. There are great before and after pics on Order the Dermabeam Pro here for $299: DERMABEAM PRO.

I think that a workout outfit that also acts as “athleisurewear” is a great Valentine’s Day present but I think it is a must to throw in a really solid sports bra like Glamorise’s Custom Control Sports Bra that will last and last. Glamorise is a 101-year-old size-inclusive bra company using patented technology in its custom-control sports bra that allows the wearer to control compression with a simple strap adjustment. (This legendary company has actually patented different types of groundbreaking technology over the years, including the world’s first sports bra in 1975.) Gone are the days of wearing two bras. This bra is a game-changer for workout regimens and curvy women feeling doomed to double up on sports bras to work out. There are actual several terrific Glamorise sports bras to choose from (along with leggings) but in my opinion the Custom Control offers the most coverage. It can be ordered for $66 here: GLAMORISE CUSTOM CONTROL SPORTS BRA.

In my opinion, no champagne is more romantic than Moët & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose—and not just because of his rosy color! It is characterized by intense volatility and elegant maturity. Lively and generous Nectar Imperial distinguishes itself by its extravagant fruitiness, its density on the palate and its crisp finish that instantly surprise sand delights. The Nectar Roses assemblage is built on the intensity of Pinot Noir, the fruitiness of Pinot Meunier, and the freshness of Chardonnay. This champagne’s sweetness and fruity notes make it perfect for pairing for cheese and meats. (Why not pair it with a romantic charcuterie board or classic steak dinner? I know some people who enjoy it with dark chocolate, too!) Order here for about $60: NECTAR IMPERIAL ROSE.

I am a longtime fan of Sugarwish and that’s because of the infinite amount of treats that they offer! Candy is always perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting but Sugarwish treats will make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day even better! With the Valentine’s Sugarwish, your loved one gets to follow their heart by choosing their sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy favorites, delivered straight to their door in cute limited edition Valentine’s Day boxes. Send a box of goodies with one of Sugarwish’s themed Valentine’s Day eCards, or customize your own with a personal photo! I personally enjoy their “nostalgia candy” but also love the adorable Valentine’s Day themed candy that they come up with every year (right now I am loving the JellyBelly Valentine’s Mix jellybeans (that are shades of red and pink) and the cherry flavored Valentine’s Gummy Bear. Sugarwish is not just about candy anymore—they also send out wine, cookies, flowers and dog treats. Sugarwish has many different sizes of treat boxes, but the medium sized classic Sugarwish candy box features six items and is priced at $46 (this includes shipping). Order here: SUGARWISH MEDIUM VALENTINE’S DAY BOX.

Rosevale Kitchen & Cocktail Room is the epitome of Modern American dining done in classic Manhattan style and you will be impressed with not only the quality of the food but the innovative presentations. Located in the Theater District’s popular Civilian Hotel, Rosevale is the perfect place to enjoy an upscale dinner, a pre- or post-theater bite, an artisanal cocktail, or a leisurely brunch. They have a very special three-course Valentine’s Day dinner that is being served from 5 to 10 PM. There is something for every taste in this highly romantic prix fixe, which is a very reasonable $79 per person. Appetizer choices include Clams On The Half Shell, Shrimp Cocktail, Steak Tartare and the interestingly named Caviar And Chips. Entree choices include Steelhead Trout, Brick Chicken, Steak Au Poivre and Winter Squash. The amazing dessert choices (that I hear are going to be as stunning to look at as they are to taste) are Red Berry Pavlova, Chocolate Lava Cake and both gelato and sorbet from Il Laboratorio Del Gelato. I plan on making Rosevale Kitchen my Midtown home away from home (even though I live only about 30 blocks away). Check out the Valentine’s Day prix fixe here: ROSEVALE KITCHEN’S VALENTINE KITCHEN.

I know the absolute greatest vitamin/supplement gifts for your loved one—pretty much everything that Goli Nutrition makes! It’s SO important to stay healthy and Goli makes it easy to support your wellness routine with their delicious and nutrient-packed supplement gummies! With so many options to choose from, there’s something for everyone! Glow from the inside-out this season with Goli Nutrition—your beloved’s body and taste buds will thank you. While the Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are the most popular and have added Vitamins B9 & B12 to support overall health, my favorite are the Dreamy Sleep Gummies shown above! They’re made with Melatonin to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer and no other melatonin gummy tastes this good to me! I am also a user of their Supergreens Gummies which contain artichoke leaf extract to support digestive and liver health, and their Triple Action Immune Gummies which are made with Vitamins C, D and Zinc to support your immune system. Order a 60-count bottle of Dreamy Sleep Gummies here for only only $17.40 (this link will also let you check out deals on the other Goli Nutrition products): GOLI DREAMY SLEEP GUMMIES.

If you have a styling tool fan as a loved one, I can think of the perfect gift idea for them. You’ve probably realized by now that most heated brushes lose heat as you brush giving you inconsistent styling results—when you want sleek, shiny straight hair. The Flower Beauty Ceramic Straightening Brush’s powerful ceramic heated plates deliver consistent, even temperature across the entire surface with instant heat recovery, delivering better results with less passes. You will really love the results and it will be your go-to styling tool. I suggest to get one as a gift and one for yourself this Valentine’s Day. You can order it here tor $27.98 and also find it in mass merchandise stores like Target and Walmart: FLOWER BEAUTY STRAIGHTENING BRUSH.

I have been a fan of Gucci Beauty since they launched about ten years ago and were a runaway success! There are some new items that make lovely V-Day gifts. I highly recommend Gucci Blush De Beauté, the legendary Italian luxury house’s first powder blush made for pure creative expression. Smooth, playful and multi-use, it can be applied on cheeks and eyes, becoming one with skin. Its adaptable formula of smooth powders and pigments is infused with emollient waxes to deliver buildable, long-lasting color that intensifies seamlessly, layer after layer. The hydrating, ultra-thin powder cares for all skin types with an infusion of shea butter, hyaluronic acid and black rose oil blending evenly and easily for a “second skin” feel. This compact will last a long time as Gucci Beauty believes in using high impact pigments in all their products. Order here for $49: GUCCI BLUSH DE BEAUTE.

Gucci Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat, a transformative liquid lip color that dries down to a matte finish once applied, it is the first of its kind for the House. Highly pigmented, the array of vibrant, sunset shades provide optimate coverage and striking color, without the concern of it settling into lip lines, smudging or feathering, even on fabric. Formulated with a caring combination of black rose oil and hyaluronic acid, and an infusion of Vitamin E, Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat smooths and cares for the lips. With a completely weightless texture, the highly pigmented color starts out as liquid and creamy before transforming to a powdery matte texture for a lightweight feeling. The lipstick is available for $45 on this link: GUCCI ROUGE A LEVRE LIQUIDE MAT.

There is another fabulous new lip launch from the House Of Gucci. Rouge De Beauté Brillant Flora has the caring properties of a balm but the pigment payoff of a lipstick. Delivering a veil of vibrant, glowing color, the formula is infused with moisturizing black rose and peony oils, combined with jojoba seed oil and karité butter, while hyaluronic acid provides immediate and long-lasting hydration with a soft, lip-plumping and smoothing effect. The limited-edition lipstick debuts in Shade 208 (They Met in Argentina), a warm rosewood color with neutral tones and uplifting notes of pink and coral. I dare you to find a better plumping lip color or one with an equally gorgeous case. You can order it here for $45: GUCCI ROUGE DE BEAUTE BRILLIANT FLORA.

I almost died when I saw the adorable packaging of the latest collection of nail colors from Lights Lacquer called Kat’s Diner. These retro pastel colors in a box inspired by classic old diners can tug on any baby boomer’s heartstrings! It might only be Valentine’s Day but this collection will get you in a spring mood! The Kat’s Diner “menu items” not only include the aforementioned six new creamy pastel shades but Drive-in Date Nail Art Tattoos and a classic Kat’s Diner 10-ounce, ceramic coffee mug. Each product in this good-for-your-nails collection is as follows: Banana Split, a creamy, light banana yellow; Frenchie, a creamy, soft peony pink; Juke Box Baby, a pastel periwinkle purple; Easy As Pie, a pastel blueberry; ‘52 Chevy, a pastel Key Lime green and Order Up!, a pastel papaya orange. You can order your set for $73 here: KAT’S DINER LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION. Also be sure to check out the super cool Lights Lacquer Y3K Trio that features three great pink shades with a bold attitude. You can order that here on sale for $29: Y3K TRIO.

I am totally loving the FHI Flirt Tease Blowout Brush because it gives my flyaway hair a pulled together look! This will become your Valentine’s hair bestie. It is so versatile that you can use it on damp hair to style from wet to dry, or refresh your second-day style. Equipped with a 1000W DC motor to cut dry time in half and an easy-grip handle for effortless styling, this 3-in-1 hot air brush is perfect for all hair types! It straightens as well as curls and leaves the user with long lasting style! You can order this amazing hot brush here for the sale price of $72: FLIRT TEASE BLOWOUT BRUSH.

The Youngblood Detox And Balance Collection is a carefully curated 4-step routine to deeply clarify and renew your complexion. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice Root Extract, and Safflower Seed Oil minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines, even discoloration, and help smooth unwanted texture. These gentle, yet effective formulas balance oil production and reduce redness. I don’t have to tell you that Youngblood has been a leader in natural skincare for over 20 years and is a brand that truly lives up to its claims. Order this set for $69 here: DETOX AND BALANCE COLLECTION.

Now two of the world’s best lash products are even better together! The Power Couple set makes getting the full benefits of Youngblood’s Mineral Mascara and Lash Primer even easier! The primer weightlessly volumizes lashes to intensify the length and fullness that our mascara develops. Lashes appear remarkably longer and fuller, as conditioning ingredients soften and moisturize without dryness or clumps. Your Valentine (or Galentine) will get the endless lashes that everyone will envy. This kit includes a full size Mineral Length Lash Primer (Net Wt. 0.28 fl oz) and full size Outrageous Lashes Mineral Lengthening Mascara (Net Wt. 0.28 fl oz). Order here for $40: POWER COUPLE SET.

If your Valentine is very health-minded, I might have a new “go to” supplement they must try! Chlorella contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), a DNA and RNA complex unique to chlorella, that provides the building blocks cells need to rebuild, repair, and rejuvenate. It also is an abundant source of the antioxidant vitamin A (beta-carotene), one of the most powerful antioxidant vitamins. It is a good source of vitamin D, Active vitamin B12 and iron, and even contains small amounts of magnesium, B2, B6, niacin, folate, and phosphorus—making it a must-have supplement. It is not only great for your most vital organs and for preventing many diseases, but it helps eliminate body orders and give you fresh breath. Did I fail to add that Chlorella also gives you great energy? Sun Chlorella is one of the most respected and beloved brands out there and their tablets are tiny, making them easy to take. Order the 120 tablet, 500 mg strength box here for $24.95: SUN CHLORELLA.

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