Holiday Gift Guide For Your Artistic Friends: Great Gifts From Cameras To Watercolor Paints!

Finding the perfect gift for your artistic friends can be challenging. After all, artists need different sets of tools to match their interests. Author Alfredo Vernazzani explains that many artists contend with the world differently and this manifests in their chosen medium. Soon that note, it wouldn’t hurt to know a thing or two about the art forms that your friends enjoy. This way, you can shower them with gifts that can ultimately be useful for their practice.

Fortunately, this post provides you with a guide that can make gift shopping easy. Whether your friends are interested in photography, painting, baking, or even nail art, there’s surely something here that can inspire their creative process!

For Bakers And Chefs

As our recent Food And Drink Holiday Gift Guide shows, food gifts are some of the best presents a person can receive. If you’ve ever received fresh baked goods from a friend, then you know how much love and effort they’ve put into making those treats. This holiday season is a great time to give back and support their passion for baking. If you want a versatile gift, then Our Place’s Ovenware Set ($195) can surely elevate one’s baking experience. It features a trio of stoneware baking dishes, an oven mat, and an oven pan (which, interestingly, also doubles as a stovetop griddle). If your friend is just as enthusiastic about serving cookies or cupcakes as they are baking them, then they’ll love the Christina Tosi x JPD Cookie Tray ($55). It comes in a custom pink glaze, which is certainly a lovely backdrop for those homemade treats.

For Photographers, Movie Makers & Social Influencers

If you have a friend that’s looking to trade in their old camera for a better model, then you’re in luck. There are a lot of great digital cameras that can produce stunning photos. One that captures high-quality pictures is the Fujifilm X-T5 Mirrorless Digital Camera($1,699.95). Thanks to its dial-based layout, the X-T5 is easy to use. And if your friend has taken an interest in moviemaking, you’ll be happy to know that the camera can record videos up to 6.2k resolution. Jumping off that, you might also want to consider giving them the DJI Pocket 2 ($349). This allows them to shoot walk-and-talk-style clips efficiently due to its impressive subject tracking.

For Painters And Sketch Artists

If your friend has wanted to experiment with visual arts such as painting and sketching, there are tons of art supplies that can help. The Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor (Set of 48), valued at $62, is ideal if they want to dabble with watercolors. It has a wide range of colors, not to mention, amazing pigmentation. If they want to branch out of using regular powdered charcoal for their sketches, then vine charcoal is the way to go. Although these aren’t suitable for rendering crisp images, they’re beautiful for more abstract themes. Alongside vine charcoal, make sure to pick up a Sennelier Delacroix Charcoal Fixative ($20), too. This spray seals and protects charcoal drawings so that your friend can preserve their sketches for years to come!

For Nail Art Enthusiasts

Nail art is a great form of self-expression that’s becoming increasingly popular. If your friend is a beauty enthusiast, then they’ll surely appreciate a pamper session on top of exercising their creativity. There are many elements to great nail art. First order of business: gel polish, which is ideal if they want a color that’s long-lasting. The Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit ($36, originally $60) offers them everything they could want, from a topcoat to nail tools. Once you’ve bought the base, it’s time to mix in a little fun. The Teenitor Store 15 Piece Nail Art Kit ($8) is perfect for all their nail art needs. The set includes multiple dotting tools, metallic foils, and detailing brushes, so your friend is free to create their own unique designs.

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