Get Your Stretch On At Stretch’d! I Did & Loved It!

I recently visited the brand spanking new Stretch’d location on Third Avenue between 77th and 78th Streets and it was a whole new world for me in terms of anything athletic! The main purpose of the Stretch’d locations are for people to recover after workouts with the help of professional “stretchers” (people with prior experience as trainers and masseuses who work on each guest’s problem areas and customize each visit).

One of the tables complete with “seat belt” that guests get stretched out on!

I was lucky enough to get the cordial and talented “stretcher” named Jared who right off the bat asked me what my problem areas were. We discussed what muscles might be tight on based on my fitness regime—I had no specific areas I needed help “ironing out” as I embarrassingly don’t go to a gym. Yours truly is only walking 10,000 steps twice a week which does not really create any problem areas for me other than the occasional sore feet. (Hey, it’s not great but it’s a start!) Jared then stretched me out in numerous ways after strapping me down on the table for stability. (I had a good laugh about the “seatbelt”!) I got my feet pulled gently as I laid flat on my back which made for a heavenly calf stretch. Jared also helped me reach each bent elbow to the opposite shoulder and bent my legs at the knees and twirled them around in a circular motion. Best of all, I got an intense massage gun back and arm “rub” for five minutes to end my session as well as a bit of eucalyptus CBD oil put on a cloth which I then inhaled. I was so relaxed that my legs felt like jelly getting off the table. I then was given a bottle of alkaline water to stabilize my stomach while toxins were being released.

An infra red table is available if you preferred to be stretched out on a ridged, soft heated surface!

I did take a peak at the infrared table and owner Vanessa even turned it on for me. It felt very warm and the ridges felt like they would be good at hitting your pressure points for additional relaxation! I plan to try it the next time I go as I have heard people raved about it who have visited the Stretch’d location in Chelsea! It has to do wonders for shoulder and back pain especially!

The Body Roll’r is the most interesting piece of athletic equipment that I have ever seen or tried. Technically it is considered to be a recovery device but it is so much more!

I thought I would just be doing the aforementioned one-on-one assisted stretch when I went to Stretch’d but when I was asked if I would like to try a 50-minute session on the Body Roll’r, I could not resist! It promises not only to give folks who just worked out an optimal recovery session but it is also a true workout that helps decrease cellulite—and actually help reshape body parts. It is arguably that only device at fitness centers these days that truly has an effect on cellulite thanks to the the large plastic “nubs” on the roller which really dig between connective tissues as you press up against it. I love that there is an easy-to-follow routine on the large screen TV above the Roll’r that starts with you working the soles of your feet then moves on to calves, thighs, stomach and buttock. The session then ends with a super relaxing arm and hand “massage.” You can control the level at which you press up against the roller and the harder you press, the deeper the work is that is being done on your cellulite and muscles.

Stretch’d has the cleanest and roomiest lockers in town!

I loved the locker area which is in the main hallway in the center of all the activity rooms. It is placed where the people at the front desk can see it at all times which gives guests added security. There is a super large and well appointed unisex bathroom that is also used for guests to change in.

Sign on the front desk. It’s so cool that you can fill out your intake form on your phone.

In case you’re a little bit of a worrywart about trying a stretch or Body Roll’r session for the first time , every guest who comes in does fill out a form that makes the staff aware of any medical issues they might have and they treat your issues accordingly when providing services. I can’t wait to go back to Stretch’d. I swear that my thighs felt less jiggly after I got off the Body Roll’r for the first time and that really made me want to try it again. Packages can be bought for the one on one assisted stretches (a “Quick’E” of 25 minutes runs $48 on its own). Each 50 minute Body Roll’r session is $45 and there is not a package available for them as of yet. For more info on the Stretch’d philosophy and their locations, go to Members of the staff will also come out to stretch you out in your home or office. For $10 off your first session, use the code BEND10 when booking on the site!

Article by anne241

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