Nutrafol’s Scalp Treatment Preview: Blowouts, Breakfast & More!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Nutrafol’s Scalp Treatment, which is an all-natural serum with the active ingredients of Moringa Leaf Extract and Sea Buckthorn Fruit to help regrow hair. Press guests were each treated to a scalp and consultation with a natural medicine doctor, a shampoo, a scalp massage with the new Scalp Treatment and a blowout. They were also given the products specifically for their hair situations and told how to use them correctly. The site of this lively event was the highly rated Hair Throne at 60 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side.The packaging is simple for the Scalp Treatment as it is for all Nutrafol products. The Core tablets are the superstar product of the Nutrafol line, with separate formulations for both men and women. It is truly the Core of any of their regimes which they have dubbed “Personalized GrowthPlans.” Most customers are supplementing Nutrafol Core For Men or Women with Digestive Enzymes and Sugar Balance. The Nutrafol natural medicine doctors strongly believe that inflammation caused by excessive sugar or other poor nutritional have a direct impact on hair loss and quality of your strands in general.The Scalp Treatment is not available until October so it was a treat to be able to try it before it is available to the public. In case you are curious, it is basically scentless and blends easily with your hair–no oiliness at all is involved. Nutrafol products are recommended by more than 1,300 physicians, hair loss clinics and stylists and Core For Women, which received Allure Magazine’s “2018 Best Of Beauty Breakthrough Award.” The Scalp Treatment will be available at only $30 for a 1.7 ounce bottle which should last at least a month used a couple of times per day.Handsome celebrity stylist Ryan Trygstad–who works on Laura Dern every day on the set of Big Little Lies—was on hand for style consultations. It was great to have someone so talented around to consult not only on styling and to confess on the set secrets, but who understood the problems of balding in women, especially those in the different stages of menopause. His hair analysis helped me develop a style that works with the summer humidity instead of against it. Some lucky editors with long enough hair got braids which are the ultimate way to not be affected by New York’s stifling humidity every August.For those who want to try the whole Nutrafol regime there are deluxe sets like the one pictured above. Details on what each product’s function is can be found at It’s incredible that all their products are 100 per cent natural. So many hair growth products that are popular today are full of chemicals whose after effects are not fully known.In case you are curious how my own hair turned out after getting the product applied before my blowout at the Scalp Treatment launch, you can see it in the photo above. I have a tremendous amount of split ends from overusing flat iron and my hair poofs out like a mushroom in the humidity–but you can see how smooth my hair looks here. It went on looking smooth through the next day. The Nutrafol Scalp Treatment seems to have a smoothing effect as well as promoting hair growth even though it is not being advertised as such. Nice to have this type of beauty bonus for sure. I am starting my Nutrafol Core For Women and Scalp Treatment today and looking forward to the results!

Article by anne241

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