BCRF’s Shop Pink Product Preview: Fashion Forward Items That Make You Feel Good By Helping Out Others!

I was lucky enough to go to the press preview of all the BCRF pink goodies for a cause this morning–well, everything on sale is not pink but the majority of it is. Enough can’t be done for breast cancer research so I have tremendous admiration for all the brands from cosmetics to clothing to footwear to office supplies (and back again) that give 10 to 25 per cent of their profits to BCRF. Let’s have a look at some of the items on preview today. Some will be available indefinitely while some are on sale primarily for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (September).

Rothys pink stretchy flats with the deep V cut uppers really wowed me because the inner soles feel like pillows and the textured fabric stretches so much that it makes these shoes workable for those with any foot width. These are actually available in many different colors on www.rothys.com.These frilly pink tulips from Urban Stems blew me away. I have never seen tulips like this before today! I have to say that Urban Stems also has the most unique vases that you will ever see from a professional florist. These retail for about $55 and are available only in the tristate area. For more info, go to www.urbanstems.com.Tory Burch came up with these chic pink quilted bags and wallets in vegan leather that show off her signature style and appeal to everyone from ladies who like classic looks to sophistication teens. I want all these pieces. For more info, go to www.toryburch.com. The fringe tassels are a gorgeous touch not to mention the fact that the quilting is in an unusual formation that is quite attention grabbing!The pink cookware from Cuisinart just stole my heart. I might not cook that much because I am always on the go but I would be so proud to have a pink ice cream maker on my counter. I also want that original mini Cuisinart in the back to make homemade salsa and chop vegetables. Appliances like these definitely have me worked up to spend more time in the kitchen. For more info, go to www.cuisinart.com. The pink mini flashlight and other items from Streamlight pictured here are truly unique and made out of sturdy stainless steel.

Pink watches are special and the Movado Bold and Coach Sperry Watch will be really creating a great influx of cash for BCRF. Sales of the Bold gives $100 out of a $450 price tag to Breast Cancer Research while the Perry gives 20 per cent of a very reasonable retail price of $125. For more info on where to get these watches, go to www.movado.com and www.coach.com respectively. The array of cosmetic items benefiting BCRF this year is mind blowing. I fell in love with the deep pink Estée Lauder lipstick set in the matching mirrored case pictured here as well as the stunning modernistic bottle of Donna Karan Cashmere EDP created just for this promotion. You will also find a special large size bottle of Clinic’s classic yellow moisturizer and La Mer’s famous face cream in a pump bottle. Other great beauty brands included are Bobbi Brown, Rodin, Bumble & Bumble and many more. Many of these you will find for purchase at your local Macy’s. You will certainly find me sampling a lot of these since I am a total beauty maniac. It feels good to shop and know that you are helping other women out with your purchases. More info on BCRF Shop Pink and its Products can be found at www.bcrfshoppink.org.

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