Jane Iredale’s Triple Luxe Long Lasting Lipstick: 15 Perfect Colors That Feel As Good As They Look!

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with beauty guru Jane Iredale—who has been on top of her game for 20 years—and find out what’s new. She believes that natural is best and that makeup should feel as good as it looks. To celebrate the launch of the 15-color Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick, Jane and her pr firm 5WPR threw an event at the 1 Hotel Central Park at 58th and Sixth Avenue.
Editors and influencers got to speak to Jane in groups after she addressed everyone about the new line, how she got started in the business and her philosophy about always providing the latest colors and natural ingredients. There were lovely displays and great views of midtown to top it all off.
There are tremendous features to this line of “feel good” lipstick–it’s so creamy! You get long lasting color that glides on and stays put for many hours. There is also a subtle natural flavor. Jane likes to grow her own fruits and veggies in her backyard so this comes as no surprise to me that there is a bit of a blackberry taste to the formula! Colors are named after people close to Jane, including some of her makeup artists. There is the apple red color named Gwen which I suspect is named after Gwen Stefani simply because it looks like her signature bold shade! In the line there is everything from a Neutral Nude (Tricia) to a soft cool pink (Susan) to hot pink (Natalie).
The Jane Iredale makeup artists are always happy to suggest your perfect match at their cosmetic counters.
There is a long list of attributes to the Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick that makes it worth the $35 price tag. Here are just a few of them:
*The formula is long lasting, natural and moisturizing
*There are 15 chic shades that give a creamy matte finish
*It has a unique blend of waxes and oils that soften, protect and hydrate
*It contains antioxidant rich Moringa Oil that soothes and moisturizes
*Natural Tahitian Vanilla and Blackberry offer a subtle, sweet fragrance and a delicious taste
*The sleek rose gold bullet tube features a magnetic closure that totally rocks

The guests at Jane’s event all got matched to their perfect shade but were also able to get mini makeovers. I love to see the big professional displays of Jane Iredale cosmetics. I love to get the Jane Iredale makeup maestro’s opinions on my brow shape, the best products for coloring them, and which of Jane’s foundation formulas have the best coverage and work with oily adult skin.
To checkout Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick as well as Jane’s other intriguing products, head to www.janeiredale.com. If you prefer to play with Jane Iredale products in person, head off to her counters at Nordstrom stores nationwide. I think you will want at a least few of the Triple Luxe shades. I personally favor the wine shades like Rose and Joanna–although the Jane Iredale artist named Hannah who was at the launch event picked the terra cotta nude called Jamie for me. I admit that I am really loving the taste–you can pair these with Jane’s LipDrink which tastes like lemon and get a real taste sensation, LOL. Seriously though, you will appreciate how you will be able to eat and drink and find that the Triple Luxe lipstick truly stays put!

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