A Summer Soiree With Alcone: Pizza, Prosecco & Palettes!

I was lucky enough to be invited to Limelife By Alcone’s recent summer soiree for beauty editors and influencers at Gallow Green on the rooftop of the McKittredge Hotel in the Highline neighborhood. It was an intimate event for about 20 guests who drank wine and prosecco on big comfy outdoor couches, checked out all the great Alcone products on the nearby tabletops, ate pizza, cheeses and roasted veggies and got to meet co-owner Madison Mallardi. Guests included a celeb booker and producer from The Wendy Williams Show and a Cosmo editor. Alcone has been a family run business since 1952 and until just recently, they only made beauty products for professional makeup artists.

Alcone is very committed to using natural ingredients and not testing on animals. This company was one of the first to come up with the brilliant concept of having powder, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow and lip colors in metal tins that could be placed in magnetic cases so customers could mix and match products. You can see some of these individual colors in the photo above but traditional palettes including a new one for contouring are available. I heard of Alcone totally be accident about five years ago. I was at a multi brand beauty event and the gift bags had Alcone palettes make up with magnetic lip colors, blush and eyeshadow. I am guessing that the colors chosen were picked at random by the publicists creating the gift bag that evening but I really hit some “pay dirt.” I got colors that really worked for me and they lasted over a year using them everyday! This “custom” palette really opened my eyes to the fact that very light yellow shadow can really open up the part of your lids closest to the temple and that a melon lip really makes your teeth look whiter!

Some of the guests at the Alcone summer soiree wanted to know what the company’s bestselling products were and asked Madison directly. She pointed out that Alcone has the odd situation of equal sales between all its products and does not have any one “hero” product. They have a one ingredient skin oil called One Drop Wonder (pictured at the rear above) that has become a go to not only for reducing the look of wrinkles and fine lines but for acting as a makeup primer. The Forty Cure Creme features Tamanu Seed and lavender and is the company’s most popular body cream of all time. People are crazy about the fresh lavender scent and how quickly it blends into even the driest of skin.

Something that is new on the horizon for Alcone and it just became available on their website–it is their amazing selfie mirror called Glamcor Riki. Madison pointed out to her party guests that you can take a good selfie even without makeup using this mirror; you can see that there is a special slot for your phone that is adjustable in size. I predict that this will become a bestseller this coming holiday season. Shown in front of the mirror is the wonderfully refreshing Alcone Bamboo Renew Body Scrub which looks like coffee but is actually made with lemongrass and smells really fresh and clean. It has great smoothing effects. I admit that I tested it there right on the spot.

Guests seemed to have the most fun testing the liquid lipsticks called Enduring Lip Color. This is a special long-wearing product that lasts for a full eight hours even if you eat or drink while wearing it. I love the strong color and the gentle shine. For more info or to even see how you can work for this amazing company that pays its salespeople up to a 35 per cent commission, go to www.limelifebyalcone.com.

You will also fall in love with Limelife By Alcone’s extensive brush section (see them in the top right of photo above) and truly unique tools like Limelight Makeup Sponges and Clean Brush And Sponge Shampoo.