A Rebalancing Act For Maximum Health!

I was recently at the office of Dr. Natalya Fazylova, DNP, ANP-BC, BCIM, at 635 Madison Avenue for an evening where she presented the 411 behind her Rebalance 360 program for both potential patients and current ones. Dr. Fazylova is known as a “wellness and lifestyle architect” and that is actually what she considers herself to be even more than an MD. 

Everyone wants to know how to look and feel better and the friendly Dr. Fazylova was happy to give in-depth details of her bordering-on-legendary “feel good” program for people of all age and health levels. 

There are five core steps to the Rebalance 360 Program and they are quite simple yet effective.

1. Remove: Toxins and impurities through detoxification

2. Rebalance: Your nutritional intake and help you create healthy lifestyle habits

3. Regenerate: Damaged joint and muscle tissues, restore and optimize physical functions

4. Revitalize: Your hormones and your brain power

5. Rejuvenate: Your physical appearance to ensure you look and feel your best

The doctor has a unique approach in that she tries to find out what is making someone achy, tired or overweight by ruling out any diseases they might have. She runs a huge battery of tests but doesn’t use the general range of “normal results” that every other nutritional doctor does. She has patients bring in their old records to see if there has been up and down movement in such important tests to feeling as TSH and sugar levels. Part of her complete check up includes testing for candida, yeast overgrowth and hormone imbalances. Dr. F also customizes programs for each patient based on age, previous health issues, nutritional deficiencies and even has healthy drips that patients can schedule to lift them out of an energy crisis or hangover. She has her own line of nutritional supplements and drinks that help patients stay energetic and positive but also guarantee proper vitamin and protein intake for the day.

Dr. Fazylova works in conjunction with another doctor who customizes fitness programs for patients–whether their goal is just being able to finally do the minimum of three half hour sessions per week of high cardio or run a marathon. He truly takes into consideration each patient’s physical abilities and helps them work through pain–not just get them fit and toned for either heart health or cosmetic reasons. This man is Dr. Arkadiy Lipnitsky, DC, DACRB and CICE, who is a chiropractic and functional movement expert. (You can see him in a photo above speaking to a potential patient who wants motivation to work on a regular basis and eliminate her lack of energy.) Dr. Lipnitsky also presented at the Rebalance 360 seminar last night and explained that fitness goals are truly different for each patient. He has patients who simply would be happy to be able to get out of a chair without pain in their knees. Dr. L reminded the crowd that everyone is physically unique and that for good heart health, everyone needs at least three half-hour sessions of high intensity workouts per week. He emphasized that it is especially important for women to do weight bearing exercise due to their higher likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Of course he checks the results of all new patients’ blood work (and other tests) ordered by colleague Dr. Fazylova before setting up any physical exercise regimens. Dr. L also makes sure that no physical program recommended is intimidating to patients.

For more Rebalance 360 program info or to set up a no obligation, no fee appointment with either doctor at their lovely, modern midtown office, go to www.rebalancenyc.com. The Rebalance 360 Center also features the very latest treatments for looking and feeling better including the vampire facial made popular by Kim Kardashian. There is actually a Rebalance 350 membership being offered now which gives members same day or next business day appointments and more time with the practitioner of their choice.