MCM Preview For Spring/Summer ‘18: They’re Rockin’ Some Bright Colors But Have Something For Everyone!

MCM is a fashion bag cult that started among jet setters visiting Munich hotspots circa 1976 and it has only grown from there. You might adore their sophisticated and timeless logo print leather but they have really branched out into an incredible amount of accessories (and not just classic satchel and toe handbags) in the past 15 or so years. Their soft but sturdy handcrafted leather backpacks and bag charms are phenomenally successful with young and old alike (from all walks of life) and are a bit of an urban cult all on their own. For such great luxury that rivals LV and Chanel, a large bag is a bargain prices at $600 or $700.

I was very excited to go up to their preview at the offices of their pr company Lividini & Company last night even if I got there right before closing. The displays were gorgeous and I found myself falling in love with four dozen very different bags at one time.  A key trend I noticed is the use of a yellow orange hue that is truly unique. It is as distinct as the Hermès orange and maybe it should become MCM’s “company color.” You know that with an MCM bag, you can wear a color like that without living in fear of your bag getting dirty; the leather is treated in such a way that you can get most marks off with a little Dawn dishwashing liquid on a piece of terrycloth towel or even a stain removing towelette. I do not know what is in the “treatment” of the leather that makes it so stain resistant but it is a lifesaving for someone like myself who attracts millions of stains on their clothing and bag every week!

There are some unique floral prints in the spring MCM collection, some of which look like abstract poppies (one of my favorite flowers). On the flip side, there are neutral-colored logo totes and satchels that will undoubtedly be in style for the rest of the wearer’s lifetime (many come with an extra strap for when you want to do the crossbody thing or just wear your bag lower). 

I took a ton of photos so you can see the diversity in the line. There are even supercool logo sneakers this time! My hat to the design team for their high level of creativity and of course, for maintaining the high standards that this legendary company is known for. For more info, go to

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