Lavatera: Brooklyn’s Best “Fast ‘N Fresh” Bistro!

I recently visited Lavatera Mediterranean Bistro at 88 Livingston Street in Brooklyn Heights and was floored by all the fast and fresh offerings. The prices are low, too—you can get a giant salad with many toppings of your choice for only around $10 and all sides are $4!

 The principal behind Lavatera is simple—you walk to the front where about five dozen items including homemade falafel, assorted Greek olives, cheeses, onions, tomatoes, chicken or beef shawarma, chicken schnitzel, fish and field greens look fresh and enticing. You can then create a bowl or have your items placed together on a salad, pita or baked potato (and I am speaking about the world’s biggest baked potatoes)! Soon there will be gorgeous chicken and beef kabobs to choose from as well, just FYI!

After selecting six or seven items to put together, you get to choose from seven or eight delicious sauces including classic Greek white sauce, hot sauce and pesto that are made on the premises. The staff is attentive and friendly and everyone gets a little bag of their crunchy homemade pita chips as a bonus. Their meat and spinach pies are killer and meals in themselves.

The items that is super “aces” with me is their juicy chicken shawarma which is roasted on a spit in the kitchen before being sliced and put out behind the glass. It is just so juicy and naturally “buttery” tasting that I had to go up for seconds. I had it over salad with assorted veggies and olives but you just know that I could not resist getting one of those giant 7” long baked potatoes with eggplant in tomato sauce on the side. The eggplant is tender and delicious with some soft sautéed onions added to the mix.

I love the clean white and turquoise colors of the dining room and the spaciousness between the tables. Lavatera is just a three-minute walk from the 4 Train stop at Borough Hall, making it a very short hop, skip and a jump from midtown Manhattan. It is the ideal place to stop in for a quick bite if you are taking in. The great nearby shopping at Neiman Marcus Last Call or Sephora which are only a one or two minute walk away. 

Lavatera also delivers and offers catering and friendly owner Felicks Pitsel is happy to personally answering any of your questions about how the food is prepared. For more info, go to

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