Havin’ A Blast At The Bollare Offices!

I have to admit I have never had such fun at a beauty event as I did at Bollare’s recent summer preview. I was able to test new products from the likes of Kevyn Aucoin, get a makeover and hair restyling, and best of all, I got to use their rented carnival crane machine to my heart’s content. It was chock full of beauty goodies that were stuffed in adorable and colorful LeSportsac makeup bags. LeSportsac is possibly Bollare’s biggest client, and I oohed and aahed as I got to see a display full of their latest bags and handbag accessories!

The aforementioned crane was anything but easy but at one point at the end of the event, a publicist came and opened up the machine with a key and handed out the little LeSportsac cases to whomever was around (so I got a cute one for myself). Nearby was the most delicious homemade ice pop cart ever–the brand is called Mom And Icepops and they had incredible coconut and strawberry pops that definitely give Froz-Fruit a run for their money. I could probably live on these pops during the summer!

The most innovative products that I saw display at the Bollare preview were the dramatic print Lesportsac wristlets pictured to the left, Sunday Riley’s C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum, Perfect Legs Sculpt & Shine and NCLA’s dramatically patterned new nail wraps. I got a couple of nails done with their supercool geometric patterns!

I have to hand it to Delia and her team at Bollare for going so out of her way to make their Tribeca offices look like a real summer carnival complete with glazed popcorn in a pretty shade of pink (it was delicious, too), tons of balloons on ribbons and rolls of real carnival tickets wrapped all around the beauty items on display. There were several bottles of champagne being served–that may not have been in keeping with the carnival theme but who am I to complain? LOL!

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