Vionic Update For Spring/Summer 2017: Yes, I’m Back For More Of This Great Brand

Why do I love Vionic Footwear so much. It could be that the inner sole fits perfectly to my flat feet which has a strong tendency towards pronation and getting tenditis on their upper portions just below the ankles. Vionic Footwear is a gift from God for those of us with problem feet but who still want to be fashion forward. There are a lot of classics in their collections as well, including ballet flats with bows. Right now I am rockin’ the fall shoe, a ballet flat called Spark Minna, which will also be inthe spring collection in several different summery colors. If my feet could talk, they would definitely be saying “THANK YOU IN A BIG WAY!”

I was invited to the Vionic Spring Summer ’17 preview and they did it as a runway show, but then you could meet with some of the staff members who do designs and also work on the lines clever inner soles. I have posted some of the photos from the show. You will see that Vionic has come up with that golden grail of footwear–a HIGH HEEL comfort shoe–and they actually feel really good. I tried a pair on at the event.

You will see in the spring collection lots of fun espadrilles, metallic loafers, suede ankle wrap flats with thin laces, and several embellished sandals. I can’t wait to do my online study of everything that’s new. I noticed both lace and pebbled leather uppers that were magnificent and offered a classy, fashion forward look. Be sure to go to http://www.vionicshoes.comfor more info. You can also purchase this wonderful line at Once you walk around Manhattan in Vionics, you’ll notice you’ll be able to walk a bit further than usual, and that is just one of the many reasons that I love them…and I will confess right now that those studded strappy sandals in last pic are my summer faves!

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