I’m Rockin’ Therafits For The Very First Time And I’m Lovin’ Them

It’s no secret that women (including myself) cannot resist shoes and accessories and if they did not have to work, would probably be shopping for them 24/7! I like shoes and accessories even more than clothes–as your sizes do not change! There’s no shame in shopping for shoes or thinking about them more than 15 hours per day, LOL!

I love both comfort and drama in my shoes and sometimes it can be hard to find but I am succeeding at it pretty well at this time thanks to so many innovative comfort shoe companies–leading the pack in my opinion is Therafit, who have the seal of approval from the National Posture Association! They recently had a press preview event at Haven’s Kitchen in Chelsea and Bravo reality star and fitness expert Lena Marti was there to guide journalists/bloggers on what pair would work best for them and to provide fitness tips in general.

You get a very strong yet soft footbed in Therafits, and they leave room for an orthotic if you wear one–even cooler is the fact that there are three rubber pegs that go through the heels that you can pull out if you want less support. This is called the Personalized Comfort System and it is truly innovative technology.

The Rio Ballet Flat is a bonafide favorite for those who want to look hip but who want to be able to walk around the city all day with no aches or pains. They have many version of this shoe and I am happy to say that Therafit does some adorable embellishment on their footwear, especially on their sandals which are accented with the likes of leather flowers and crystals. They also have sneakers in fun colors that have different levels of sole support for different activities.

My absolute favorite is the Gigi style, which is a casual walking shoe with a glittery silver mesh upper and a fax leather band in the center on the foot. It’s such an unusual and fashionable comfort shoe that people stop me on the streets of Manhattan and ask me where I got them.

For more info, go to http://www.therafitshoe.com. There is a giveaway of the Gigi going on right now on the site, so be sure to fill out the simple form to enter!

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