Fashion Week Came And Went Again–And It Was Great To Get A Sneak Peek At The Fall 2017 Styles!

While NYFW doesn’t quite have the glitz and glamour that it once had prior to 10 years ago when it was still in Bryant Park, it’s hard to resist going to see your favorite designers’ latest collections and attending a press lounge or two. I only attended a few shows and lounges this year just because I am getting old and waiting on lines can be tedious; also, bloggers seem to get Standing Room a lot. I miss the old days when I got seated in the sixth or seventh rows!

The most captivating show for me every February is Lady In Red/Red Dress Collection which is held in the Manhattan Center and features celebs from every field all walking in glamorous red dresses by different designers. The highlight for me this season was getting to see Maureen McCormack of The Brady Bunch fame enjoying herself on the super-long runway at the Manhattan Center. Many of the guests of this show are women who have survived heart attacks and other forms of heart ailments, and they are all scooted off to a top secret party after the show. Macy’s is always the sponsor of Lady In Red and so far they have donated something like $40 million to the cause of heart disease.

Zimmermann is the epitome of cutting edge elegance so that is another show that is always high on my list. They showed at Metropolitan Pavilion West and it was packed to the gills. This show probably brings out about 500 people and about 100 have to stand. While several of the corset-based pieces were on the daring side, for the most part, Zimmerman is highly “wearable’ on the day-to-day and the new collection brings out some interesting new styles of pants and rompers, as well as warm oversize jackets.

For doing things big and classic rock inspired, I have to give kudos to Artistix, which is a line created by Andy Hilfiger–and yes, his famous brother Tommy was in attendance. This show was held in the restaurant and bar area of The Jane Hotel, which still has a lot of the old wooden detailing from when it was a hotel that Titanic survivors came to in 1912. There were a lot of military style and leather bomber jackets, jeans any way you want ’em (skinny, boot cut, etc.), graphic tees, long dress coats and more. Artistix did it up big with a step and repeat and a full bar both during and after the show.

I love “athleisure” wear, so I jumped at the chance to go to MPG Sport’s presentation at the popular event space at 20 Little West 12th Street. This was a classic presentation with models standing on large pedestals but every half hour they would change into new styles. Everything is so comfy-looking in this collection that I had the urge to lift a few items off the models (even though the clothing was stretchy, it would still not fit me, though)!

I also had a blast at the Hayley Elsaesser presentation at Milk Studios. Many of her clothing was whimsical and inspired by My Little Pony. It was bright, bold and fun. I loved the way the presentation was turned into a party and a big spread of cold eats like cheese and olives, and guests left with a fun pair of her socks with the Planet Uranus printed on them among a few other fun goodies. The models moved around a lot and some even started dancing, so it was great to see models with smiles on their faces for a change.

I love the lounges, and there were much fewer this Fashion Week–it was especially sad to see that both Vogue Magazine and Maybelline did not put together any lounges after doing them for at least five years in a row. There was one given by Blender Magazine that I heard was fun, but I did not know about it until after the fact. Nars had one at a skating rink by the Standard Hotel but they are very selective with their guest list (guess who never makes their cut, LOL)! I got invited to the Veggani Lounge held at a on Wooster Street. I had a great time taking in all the gorgeous vegan bags created by Laura Duwaal, ower of Veggani. The super-large Maya foldover style especially caught my eye but each bag is beautiful in its own way–you would never know that Veggani bags are not made of real leather unless someone told you that. The bags feel so soft! There is really something for everyone in the line (and prices are generally under $175) whether your style be Boho or uptown sophisticate. Guests were treated to polish changes, light and healthy snacks and Bellini–it was a peaceful moment in a busy Fashion Week Day!

The Pet Fashion Show By Rubie’s on the Penn Hotel rooftop blew my mind–not only because owners and their dogs dressed alike in designer ensembles but because the dogs were so well-behaved. They rode around in electric cars and strollers…or walked the runways in their owner’s arms. There were even a team of poodle mixes dressed like bridesmaids in pink gowns riding around in a pink Barbie car. I think that was honestly my most memorable moment in all of NYFW this time around!

My go-to event during NYFW is always Caravan Style Studio. Every day of NYFW, Val Star and her team take on bloggers and give them blowouts, makeup and manis. Val is actually a master of all three herself an a real pleasure to hang out with. This year, Brother sewing machines were on display just underneath the style studio in the Gregory Hotel bar, where dresses were being sewn live and guests sat down for a drink!

Author Ashley Black, author of The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat, It’s Fasciathrough a fashion week party for over 400 guests at the Dream Downtown, and the crowd was beyond enthusiastic. Many were not even in town for Fashion Week, but they were there to cheer Ashley on and celebrate the success of her program. Ashley did a full presentation in front of the crowd about how she discovered her breakthrough treatment for “that lumpy look” and everyone I met at the party swore that it works. Ashley’s products were available for purchase including her now legendary Fascia Blaster tool at 40 per cent off. It was a great way to start off my evening before going to the fabulous aforementioned Artistix Show.

I concluded my NYFW experience with a visit for a cut, blowout and mani at the Anthony David Salon at 28th and Madison. It’s great that this salon welcomes in editors every Fashion Week. My experiences here have been fantastic in every way. This time it was Rita who gave me the “updated shag” haircut that I wanted and she showed me dozens of styles that would work for me before starting up with her scissors. She was a doll to talk to. I got my fourth ever mani from Marjanna who is magical at coming up with nail color combos. She put an OPI glittery pink called Sugar + Chammy on top of my Essie Ballet Slippers and the effect was phenomenal. My mani lasted two weeks! If you want to learn more about this salon, whose owner specialized in creating hair pieces for those with extreme hair loss, go to

Overall fashion week trends were hard for me to spot, although I did notice that a lot of fashionistas were wearing spots–leopard spots, that is. The paparazzi were out in droves but mainly they were shouting the occasional celeb who was entering a space where their own collection was about to “show” or models between shows. The celeb crowd is not out in full force like it once was, but it is fun to bump into Anna Wintour on line here and there when security does not know who she is, LOL

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