I’m A NARSissist! Here’s Why

I have been a longtime NARS fan. Diehard fans of this incredible, cutting edge cosmetic company are called NARSissists and I admit that I think their eyeliners are the best in the business. I have done water aerobics in heavily chlorinated swimming pools and my liner did not budge. The Larger Than Life Eyeliner is my fave and it gives you a precise enough point to do a great cat eye! The creamy intensity stays strong and it lasts for an incredible 12 hours! This is SO worth the $25 bucks, I cannot begin to go on about it–you will find that this eyeliner lasts you about six months using it twice a day, so you really get your money’s worth.

My current NARS obsession is their new Pro Palette, which just launched the end of August. If you want a big variety of cutting edge colors to choose from for eyes, cheeks and lips, this is your baby. Customers can build their own palettes and get all the everyday and evening colors they want in one lightweight case. The large case costs 18 dollars and each customer fills it up with individually purchased colors–there is room for four single eyeshadows, four double eyeshadows, four blushes and a contour/highlighter. I think it’s the ultimate customized product on the market right now. The ideal situation is to have a large palette at home on your makeup table and to have the small one with the same color combos in your purse!

For the foundation obsessed (like me), I strongly recommend the All Day Luminous Lightweight Foundation. This is what everyone who likes strong coverage dreams of–you get your very even skintone but you do not have that terrible feeling of a heavy foundation. Your skin BREATHES in this product and the pigments are divine–you won’t need concealer. This is well worth the $48. You will especially love All Day Luminous when it’s hot out because it allows the sweat to come through without any pore blockage! You will be amazed about how great your skin looks after you remove your makeup before going to bed.

NARS always rocks and always pushes the boundaries of the cosmetic world. That’s why you saw so many of their products and makeup experts at the recent New York Fashion Week shows

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