Lucy Peters Salon: The Ultimate “Smooth Studio”

I recently visited The Lucy Peters Salon to learn about their famous thirty-year-old plus hair removal programs that was the first of its kind back in the day. Lucy Peters was a pioneer of laser hair removal and this salon gets raves on Yelp! (4 1/2 stars or more) for painlessly being able to laser off hair permanently in eight to 16 hours of treatment. That was actually the time I was quoted for mustache and chin–hair that will never be fashionable so I would pay any amount of money to get rid of it. The best part of it is that when you get your hair removed at this salon, the skin underneath no longer gets blemishes and stays smooth beyond your wildest imagination.

There are also anti-aging technicians at the spa who treat patients with all the latest injectables including Dysport, which has proven to be one of the greatest bargain in injectables with results lasting six to 18 months. You will get a personal consultation on how you can return your face to its original fullness and yes, they can correct all those dings and crevices–not just lines and wrinkles–created by aging!

I experienced a magnificent Cleansing Facial from Agata at the spa using several Babor products. Besides getting extractions everywhere I needed them–and Agata was willing to check everywhere including lower chin region and both inner and outer ears–I got a wonderful Calming Mask by Babor to end things on a mellow note. Their spa tables are padded and comfy, the rooms are nice and warm and I love that about 20 minutes of hand, neck and back massage are included in the service. They also sell packages of five services that end up a 50 per cent off. Facials are usually $220 but are $110 when purchased in a package.

If you go on their site,, you can pick from a list of skin symptoms you want fix, and you can see what services they can offer to help you out! I hear that they do wonders for both acne and rosacea–and have heard nothing but raves about their hair removal and injectable services! Just so you know, they offer very thorough waxing if you are not ready to commit to the permanent hair removal process yet!