Father’s Day Gift Guide: Things He’ll Really Appreciate And Cherish!

I have sorted through dozens of new and classic items for men and hope that I have picked out an assortment of great gifts for dads with varied interests! I threw in a couple of super practical items because every man needs a good pair of sunglasses and a nice scent for everyday wear! Oh, did I fail to mention that every dad needs snacks (even if he swears that he doesn’t snack), LOL?

Hennessy VSOP Cognac By Refik Anadol

Is your dad a fan of relaxing with a nice glass of cognac? I can’t blame him because there is no drink better for releasing stress in our opinion and it the type of spirit to be savored slowly. I saw the breathtaking tin of Hennessy VSOP designed by artist Refik Anadol and I immediately knew that it would quickly become a collector’s item. It is sold out at a lot of online outlets and NYC liquor stores at the time of this writing so grab one ASAP. The textured metal cognac-colored two-piece box created by Anadol using 3D imaging is something truly special that Dad will want to keep on his desk long after the liquor is gone. It is sizable, so Dad can store all sorts of things in there! As for the cognac itself, it is aged 20 years and is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. This stunning gift item is priced at about $80 for a 750 ml bottle and you can find it at your local liquor store or at http://www.Hennessy.com.

JBL Charge 5 Wireless Speaker

JBL kicks the ball out of the stadium once more with a wireless speaker that is flying off shelves! The JBL Charge 5 gives you 20-hours of playtime and a built-in powerbank—and users can keep devices at full-charge while enjoying their favorite music in JBL’s Original Pro Sound. And with the incredible JBL PartyBoost feature, users can connect more than one compatible device for an even louder, bolder sound. Incredibly, this speaker is both waterproof and rustproof! Colors include black, blue, grey, red and teal. The JBL Charge 5 is available for $179.95 on www.JBL.com and from select retailers including Best Buy.

The Sweet ‘N Savory Sugarwish 4-Pick

Oh The new Sweet ‘N Savory boxes from Sugarwish are perfect for Father’s Day! For $34.95, you can send Dad an e-gift card with a Sugarwish code and he can choose four items from all the choices on the www.sugarwish.com site. Since so many dads are going Keto right now, this is a perfect gift! There are so many nut choices especially. You can see from my photo that I picked four sugar-free items for my own box: pistachios, cashews and dried edamame (I did a double portion of them). It is tons of fun to peruse the Sugar Wish site because there is a ton of nostalgia candy and there are more types of gummies than you can get anywhere else. You can order many different sizes of boxes but the minimum is the Two Pick. They also sell giant boxes with scoops that are perfect for parties! I personally look at the Sugar Wish site every two weeks just to see all the new themes and types of “sweets and savories”!

Gucci Guilty Eau De Parfum Pour Homme

I most definitely have my Father’s Day favorites. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Parfum is one of them! This woody aromatic spicy fragrance created to provoke. It is the type of fragrance that upon your first experience with it, it gets etched in your memory and you immediately want to guess all its components! Well, I know for a fact that rose and chili pepper create an unexpected and invigorating retro vibe, while patchouli and cedarwood accentuate the fragrance’s richness and sensuality. Other key notes include rose and lavender. I have yet to find anyone who didn’t sniff Gucci Guilty Pour Homme and immediately fall in love with it! Best of all, a little goes a long way. It is currently available at fine department stores including Macy’s at $125 for the three ounce natural spray. You can learn more about this fragrance at www.Gucci.com.

Davidoff Cool Water Parfum Natural Spray

What is my favorite men’s fragrance of all time (so much that I regularly use it myself)? Davidoff Cool Water, that’s what! It is arguably the original men’s “blue” fragrance and anytime you’re around someone wearing it, you feel like you are vacationing on a tropical island surrounded by a blue ocean! As with many scents these days, several variations have been released and the latest is Davidoff Cool Water Parfumerie Natural Spray which adds the seductive luxury component of vetiver to the formula (this tropical plant is grown and harvested on the island of Haiti). The scent includes woody notes of sandalwood, blended with pink pepper accord. Davidoff Cool Water Parfum has been called “the ultimate call of freshness, power and sophistication” by professional “noses,” and I cannot agree more! Any dad who loves blue fragrances will fall head over in heels in love with this new scent. This is another winner from the Coty Inc. family and can be purchased at fine department stores including Macy’s at $79 for 3.3 ounces. For more info, go to www.ZinoDavidoff.com/fragrances.

Omaha Steaks’ Extra Fabulous Private Reserve Boneless New York Strips

The words “Omaha Steaks” are pure heaven to diehard carnivores like myself and they’ve got some great Father’s Day package deals but they also let you put together your own gift boxes! It’s no secret that Omaha Steaks’ packages are the best deals in the high quality meat game! My favorite this year (besides the fabulous $150 deal for four 11-ounce Boneless New York Strips from the truly top shelf Private Reserve collection pictured above) is the simply titled Father’s Day Collection. This package includes four (6 oz.) Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignons, four (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops, 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers, four (3 Oz.) Jumbo Franks, one (20 oz. package) Steakhouse Creamed Corn, four (2.88 oz.) Potatoes Au Gratin, four (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets and one (4 oz. pkg.) Seasoned Butter Sauce. This package would retail for about $304 if each item was purchased separately, but it is priced at only $169. For more info or to order, go to www.omahasteaks.com.

Lo And Sons’ Versatile And Lightweight Hanover 2 Backpack

You might have caught Helen Lo, the founder of bag brand Lo & Sons, sharing how she created the popular bag company with her sons, Derek and Jan, at 65 years old after she couldn’t find a bag light enough to carry around all day and not weight her down. Ms. Lo’s philosophy is that it’s never too late to try a new venture or start a new company and this has been a great inspiration for other seniors to start their own businesses in the past few years! I have plenty of favorite bags by Lo And Sons, but I particularly love their ultra lightweight unisex backpacks. My top “dad bag” pick this Father’s Day is the Hanover 2, a lightweight laptop backpack made from eco-friendly materials. It stash pockets, a sleeve for Dad’s suitcase handle, and a removable insert that features tons of pockets. There is even a dedicated compartment/pocket for a 13″ laptop. Hanover 2 is priced at $238 available in three color ways including the classic onyx with grey interior. This is a gift that will hold up well and be something that Dad will uses for years! For more info, go to www.loandsons.com.

Prive Revaux’s Fabulous The Kents Sunglasses In Chocolate Tort

This Father’s Day, ditch the boring gifts and get your dad something that is chic and practical—like a well-made pair of sunglasses!, George Clooney, Adam Sandler, Alex Rodriguez, Common, Matthew McConaughey are among many celebrity dads who’ve been seen sporting glasses from Privé Revaux, which start at $29.95/pair. Founded by Jamie Foxx, the brand carries an awesomely large assortment of high-quality frames—and you can even get special blue-light blocking lenses or buy cool reading glasses! The range in styles at Privé Revaux range from classic to trendy and sporty to understated—this brand truly caters to every kind of dad. One of my favorites is pictured above—the style is called The Lents and the color is Deep Chocolate Tort, although you can get several other shades as well for about $40! For more info, go to www.PriveRevaux.com. You are going to be stunned when you see how great the quality is at such low price points! Sign up for their mailing list on their home page and get 15 per cent off your first order!

Brett Lauren’s Matte Onyx Bead Men’s Bracelet

Brett Lauren stretch men’s bracelets are classy and have a distinctly unique look which will get Dad lots of compliments. Their Matte Onyx Bead Men’s Bracelet is my very favorite out of their entire huge collection just because it goes with anything. This bracelet features matte onyx stones in your choice black rhodium, medium-grey, or silver plate. The medium fits an 8″ wrist but you can order any size between small and extra large. Price is $108. Other stones available in this same style are Larvikite, Lapis and Brown Jasper; they cost the same as the matte Onyx. When you go to order on www.BrettLauren.com, there will be a space where you can type in any special sizing needs and give Dad’s exact wrist size if you want a more custom fit. Be sure to check out the women’s bracelets while you are on the site as well as there is an amazing diversity of colorful stones. You will want to collect every type! Brett Lauren is the daughter of a fashion designer and she has sharp eye for style. You can feel good about buying from the Brett Lauren brand because it is one that gives back to community and utilizes the skills of women in underprivileged communities.

Happy Father’s Day Pop Up Card From LovePop

I probably do not have to tell you that the most creative Father’s Day cards are available on www.LovePop.com! Every since this brand came into the public consciousness due to its appearance on Shark Tank about 10 years ago, it has been on fire! All the LovePop cards are handmade and are in a 3D format, making them worth saving and using them again and again (the larger cards make great centerpieces for holiday, birthday and anniversary dinners)! Pictured above is the simple and chic Happy Father’s Day Pop Up Card which you can see on both the www.LovePop.com home page and under the Father’s Day Cards section. This one’s a colorful crowd pleaser with big bold pop up letters and there is probably not a dad out there who wouldn’t love it. It is about 5” X 7” and costs $13 but if you buy five cards in this size category (for any occasion), you get them for only $10 each. A very special feature is that all LovePop cards include free shipping! Trust me that from the first time you peruse cards on www.LovePop.com, you will get hooked on the adorable designs and have to go back every week to check out if anything new has been added. LovePop cards are kind of a gift and card in one!

The Versatile Ace Pant From Bearbottom Clothing

Any comfort and multiple-pocket-loving dad will appreciate getting the 5-Pocket Ace Pant from Bearbottom Clothing—it’s an everyday performance pant that brings modern comfort and smart design together. The 5-Pocket Ace Pant is made with Bearbottom’s flexible, breathable, and wrinkle-free Ace fabric (which is a combo of cotton/nylon/spandex). Needless to say, the wrinkle-free fabric will make the Ace Dad’s go-to travel pant. The Quickdraw™ pockets in the back provide easy access to phone/wallet/keys on the go. The pockets’ placements keep the wearer’s items secure and out of the way while seated. There is needle stitched seams for extra durability. The 5-Pocket Ace Pant has a modern slim fit with an elastic waistband and tapered leg and is available in S to XXL. Colors include navy, khaki, black and grey. Price: $75. As a bonus, there is free shipping on all first orders! Go to www.bearbottomclothing.com to check out these pants and many other durable chic ‘n comfortable clothing styles! One more thing—Bearbottom is a socially conscious brand! For every item purchased, they donate a pair of shorts (or a mask, as a shifted response to COVID) to the local community where it’s made. In 2020 alone, they donated 200K+ masks and 100K+ shorts to those in need in Bangladesh and India.

Marvelous Manhattan By Reggie Nadelson

For dads who love NYC as much as I do, I recommend the recently released hardcover book Marvelous Manhattan by Reggie Nadelson which focuses on Manhattan’s more “mom and pop” side rather than the big tourist traps or well-known landmarks. There is a strong focus on restaurants, shops, bars and clubs that are long-standing and privately owned and Nadelson goes deep into their back stories. I was thrilled to hear about the real inspiration and people behind some of my favorite places including the legendary French restaurant Le Benardin, the famous jazz club The Village Vanguard and my neighborhood hang on the Upper East Side, the super quaint Lexington Candy Shop (where you can still sip and egg cream on a spinning metal chair at the same old counter that has been there since the 1930s)! I even enjoy the fact that as a movie buff I get the behind the scenes info on the Film Forum. I think that this is a book that any NYC loving dad would want to keep at his bedside or in his man cave and thumb through time and time again. It also is a great guide for visiting Manhattan if you are someone who wants to go to the places that the locals go. Marvelous Manhattan is available for $24.95 on Amazon and of course you can find it wherever books are sold. For more info, go to https://www.workman.com/products/marvelous-Manhattan.

The Kong Beer Bong 2.0

The Kong Beer Bong 2.0 is the perfect under $30 gift for any dad who loves beer—and is still a college kid at heart. It’s tons of fun to drink beer (or any beverage for that matter) through a Kong Beer Bong! The Kong Beer Bong is not only fun to drink from but it keeps your drink colder than any other cup or glass out there thanks to durable EVA insulation! Some other features of this must have drinking “vessel” is that it holds 16 fluid ounces of liquid, is stain resistant and hand washable plus has an expandable, detachable hose. There is 24/7 customer service in case you have any questions, too. I have been drinking homemade lemonade out of my Kong Beer Bong and frankly I do not think that I will ever be able to use a regular glass again! Price is $29.95 and many fun colors are available. (I think it is best to get the red, white and blue in anticipation of The 4th Of July.) Right now, if you buy four you get one free. For more info and to order, go to www.kongbeerbong.com.

Nucific BIO-X4 One Month Supply

Does Dad always say he wishes that he could find a healthy way to suppress his appetite and stop his binge eating? I have personally been taking Nucific BIO-X4 for two weeks and I notice a change in my appetite so this might just be the tool that Dad needs. (I also have clearer skin although that is not something that this revolutionary product has been advertised to do!) Nucific BIO-X4 is a probiotic-based supplement proven to provide digestive support, keep your appetite under control, and support weight loss management. Each capsule includes these items that quietly perform their “magic” on your body: an incredible four billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of a proprietary Digestive Enzyme Blend that helps your body easily digest carbs, fats, and proteins, Green Tea to boost your metabolism and Caralluma Fimbriata to suppress cravings and “binge attacks.” Nucific’s BIO X4 is said to cause no known side effects, contains only 100% pure ingredients, and is made without lactose, gluten, or fillers. You take one pill three times per day with each meal but I have found that two a day keep me in check. Price is $49 per 90 capsules but there are deep discounts when purchasing multiple bottles. For more info or to order, go to https://nucific.com/bio-x4/https://nucific.com/bio-x4/.

Best Bets For Father’s Day From Kiehl’s Including The New Ferulic Brew

Pictured above are some great Father’s Day gift items from Kiehl’s which I believe was truly the first unisex skincare brand of all time (since it dates back many decades to its original home in the East Village). They recently launched Ferulic Brew Rejuvenating Facial Treatment with Lactic Acid, a unique treatment that is phyto-brewed for over 120 hours and enhanced with natural ferulic acid to help Dad achieve the ultimate glow. In the photo above, I put together Ferulic Brew with the all-time “dude” favorites including Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, Age Defender Cream Mousturizer and Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment Men for the perfect Father’s Day package. The Kiehl’s website gets products out super fast, by the way. To celebrate the launch of Ferulic Brew, the PR folks at Kiehl’s had an online brewing workshop that was hosted by Kiehl’s Consulting Dermatologist, Dr. Michelle Henry, and Kiehl’s Global Scientific Director, Dr. Nancy Ilaya. Press got to see how this new product is actually made! The Zoom event also included a special kombucha brewing workshop hosted by Brew Dr. Now I am not only hooked on Kiehl’s Ferulic Brew but on kombucha as well. (Thankfully those are both healthy habits!) Check out www.Kiehls.com for the products mentioned above plus special Father’s Day set deals!


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