Loews Regency Gives Thanks: An Unforgettable Holiday Season Influencer Event!

I recently joined a bunch of influencers, Loews execs and party planners for one of Loews Regency’s elegant fetes called Loews Regency Gives Thanks. All of the suites including the highly touted Nate Berkus designer one were open for guests to wander about in–but there was something special to do or eat in the room of each suite (well, not the bathrooms although I was tempted to climb into the super deep copper tub in one of them and take a bubble bath with a glass of the Moet Chandon champagne being served from an adorable old-fashioned cart)! There was hair and makeup being done (with photos against a step and repeat afterwards), two types of caricatures, aura readings (I always come out as a “purple”), bars highlighted locally sourced spirits and more.

Everyone who had their wares on display were regular “flavor partners” of the Loews Regency. I would have been happy to just hit the various trays of the Regency cookies placed in nearly every room! I love that there were cute chalkboard signs to guide us to each suite of fun! One of the first “booths” my pal Gail and I walked into was manned by Essabagel which comes up year after year as “New York’s best bagel” in various media polls. They are always soft on the inside with that slightly chewy exterior that makes them so authentically New York. There was a spread of different speciality sandwiches made with their mini bagels including some turkey and salmon ones. I loved the fact that there was a wheel where you could win great Essabagel prices–Gail and I both won a baker’s dozen that will be delivered!Next we visited the pasta bar which is a Loews exclusive that you can get at a private event or delivered to a meeting taking place in the hotel. Guests have the choice of homemade marinara or cream sauce and then tubular pasta is mixed with all the ingredients of their choice including cubed chicken breast, baby spinach, red onions and peppers. I add a big dish even though I just ate an Essabagel sandwich!Loews Hotels takes pride in giving their hotels a boutique feel by using not only locally sourced produce and meat, but spirits as well. One of my favorite alcohol items of the evening was Hudson Whiskey Dry Bourbon. Several unique signature cocktails at the Regency contain this super smooth bourbon. I drank a tiny bit straight because I wanted to see just how smooth it was after hearing so many good things about it from other guests in the room. It rates top grades from me, that is all I have to say!I was super thrilled to be able to sample the turkey from Green Tree Organics that is the same one that will be served on Thanksgiving Day at the Regency Bar & Lounge (the hotel’s restaurant). It was served freshly carved to guests with homemade rolls, chunky cranberry sauce with whole cranberries and a unique stuffing that actually had sweet potatoes. This divine preview of the Loews’ Thanksgiving menu simply made my night. The turkey was some of the moistest that I have ever encountered!I have always wondered about them magnificent, hearty coffee (as well as unique tea) served at the Loews Regency and I found out at the Loews Regency Gives Thanks Event last night. It is by a company called For Five (meaning “four the five boroughs of New York City”)! Not only were both their hot and cold brews available but they had a tray out of their Nutella filled cookies which quickly disappeared and had to be refilled. This coffee is a key component of the famous power breakfasts that take place at the Regency Bar & Lounge.I will be going back to the Loews Regency soon to check out the Holiday Cocoa & Cocktails promotion that they have going on from December 1st through to the new year–there will be a special price on Manhattan’s fanciest regular hot chocolate and the “adult” version called Miracle On 61st Street. Buy one of these cocktails for $24 and you or your kids can get the regular hot chocolate complimentary. What’s in this spiked winter delight? It is magical mix of Grey Goose Vanilla, Walnut Liquer, Hot Cocoa, Whipped Cream and Chocolate Drizzle topped with edible Gold Leaf. For more info on these delightful drinks and other holiday goings on at Loews Regency New York, check out www.loewshotels.com/regency-hotel/discover/holidays. I have checking out the Miracle On 61st Street on my Christmas 2019 bucket list!

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