Taking In The New Target On The Upper East Side (Yes, I Was The First Customer On Official Opening Day!)

I have been constantly walking past 1201 Third Avenue (between 69th and 70th Streets) watching week by week as Target was being created. I was happy to hear that although there was a soft opening complete with ribbon cutting on Wednesday, October 16th, the official opening day was Sunday, October 20th. Yours truly was the first in the door and was hoping for confetti or balloons to drop but was greeted by super helpful Anthony the store manager and a sweet young female staff member who handed out $5 gift cards and cute Target logo change purses to everyone walking in. The first thing I noticed about the top floor was that there was a killer grab and go food section in the back with plenty of healthy fare including cut fruit, yogurts, salads and even Keto Diet friendly items for $6 or less. This is great because we all know that items like these run at least 30 per cent higher in nearby delis and gourmet stores. Target stocks up on these items everyday so you know what you are buying is super fresh. Also on the top floor is a small to medium sized department or practical clothing and accessories at prices under 30 dollars. The warm furry moccasins caught my eye but I really was wowed by the hosiery and athletic leggings/yoga pants. I scooped up two pairs of black super opaque hose at only $8 a pair which happened to be on special at buy one, get one half price.Also upstairs is all the seasonal decor items including a tub of extra large pumpkins at only $5.99 each. As you check out upstairs there are little table items shaped like black cats, goblins and witches. And let’s not forget the toiletries and cosmetics on the first floor. This section of about 1/3 of the top floor and there are endless “Buy 4, Get a Five Dollar Target Credit” deals. Combine this with Sunday newspaper coupons and by far you have the cheapest toiletries and cosmetic prices of any Manhattan big box or chain drugstore.As I headed downstairs I noticed that by the “up” escalator bank was a super 70 per cent off clearance of name brand humidifiers and fans. I was impressed that a brand new store would have clearance items and was happy to see this since I love a great deal and could use a humidifier in my stuffy alcove studio apartment.The downstairs not only is about 1/4 great food items including a splendid assortment of healthy frozen entrees and flavored bubbling waters like LaCroix, but it has killer housewares and hardware items. Things like lampshades and storage about, and you can find any hook or screw that you need. I was impressed at the great selection of sheets and storage items especially.Speaking of storage bins, there is a very large section along the back wall downstairs. The storage is all under $25 and those giant black storage containers that you see pictured above are only about $17. The powers-that-be at Target wanted this new store at 70th and Third to cater to the needs of people in the area, and we Upper East Siders in small apartments definitely need storage bins!There are a couple of aisles of tech products at great prices including top of the line speakers from JBL and even a few Apple products like iPads and Apple watches. They have a large section of printer inks that rival what’s available at Best Buy as well.Downstairs has plenty of party snacks as well as the aforementioned healthy foods, but this Target will undoubtedly become Halloween headquarters with bags of 200 pieces of bite candy at bargain prices of $13 to $15. No other store I know of in the neighborhood is carrying these extra large bags of sweets!I was impressed by the aisle of fitness items which included brightly colored weights of all shapes and sizes. Nearby is a couple of rows of toys and I noticed that it was one of the more popular departments. This is an ideal setup for grabbing a quick birthday or holiday gift. There is an excellent assortment of Disney items in particular. Every Disney Princess roll can be found here at a great price!Before I left the store I had to return to the cashier to buy some of the impressive organic apples that were available downstairs; there were about six varieties to choose from. (By the way, there is an automated checkout section next to the regular cashier area and a cash machine with a low fee between the two.)I could not leave the store without a closeup inspection of the vault I have been reading about. Apparently it was left there from years ago when a secret FBI building is was on this spot. Even though Target is in a relatively new high rise building with fancy condos, the wall with the vault was left from the previous low rise building from back in the day. So glad to see the vault and the large exposed brick wall that it is on were incorporated into the decor of the new store. Target is open early everyday so you can run in for a quick breakfast bite or anyxthing else you need while you are on the way to a party of course and i c work. Target’s- popular Bullseye section of $1 items has not arrived yet but it will undoubtedly become a “must visit” when it arrives in the Upper East Side store in a few months. For more info on this location, go to www.target.com use the store locator feature. (You can ever set it as “My Store” on the website if you wish.) I promise that you will love the way that the store’s merchandise echoes the needs of Upper East Side residents.

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