The Arlo Soho Rooftop Bar: Ushering In Summer With Secret Garden Greenhouses

There’s always something to do in New York City, no matter the weather. This is especially true for the spring and summer months, when people are itching to get out of their thick winter jackets and finally bask in some warmth outdoors. Public parks still remain the default getaway for many New Yorkers — there are so many to choose from, after all — but new dining and bar concepts promise to be an exciting alternative for the days when there are just too many people in Central Park. With this in mind, New York is no stranger to fantastic rooftop dining options that offer stunning views and great food, taking full advantage of the city that never sleeps. Rooftop bars provide an urban escape that feels like you’re in the metropolis but outside it at the same time.

And what a city for this trend to thrive in! New Yorkers are known for pushing higher and higher, wanting experiences that match their great taste. Indeed, an article on Yoreevo points out the sheer amount of buildings over six stories high that were built in NYC between 2010 and 2015 alone. In fact there are now close to 14,000 buildings over six stories high, with more construction underway, the Big Apple’s skyline will only get more cluttered as the years go by. Many of these are likely to be even taller, making the city’s unique concrete jungle a prime location for experiences that, quite literally, rise to the top.(Image credit: Arlo Soho)

Alice in Wonderland, but up in the sky

One such gem within the city is Arlo Soho, the newest offering from Arlo Hotels, a Scandinavian-style hotel with a rooftop bar and restaurant right in the middle of the trendy Soho neighborhood. This rooftop restaurant, called Arlo Blooms during this season, presents guests with a lush greenhouse escape that looks straight out of a fairytale.(Image credit: @takemyhearteverywhere on Instagram)

Arlo Blooms presents the best of both worlds, combining a luxe dining experience within the setting of an eco-friendly and Instagram-worthy rooftop garden. Guests who want a truly green experience can book one of Arlo Blooms’ Tiny Jungle Greenhouses, which are replete with string lights and hanging plants. Whether you’re watching the sunset stream in from your private greenhouse or outside in the main courtyard, the masterminds behind Arlo Blooms have made sure that you don’t have to travel far to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Come for the views, stay for the food… and drinks

Those familiar with the Arlo brand know that it doesn’t disappoint. Downstairs, the Arlo Lobby Bar is a prime destination for some great cocktails, which take their cue from NYC’s iconic subway. Rest assured, though, that you’re not missing out if you stay up at the rooftop gardens of Arlo Blooms. The drinks list is just as whimsical as the space itself, with cocktails using herbal ingredients in exciting combinations. Look out for drinks that feature rosemary syrup or a Negroni that’s served in a plant pot — little additions that prove that details definitely make a difference.
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In addition, the food critics at Time Out promise that the restaurant’s food doesn’t disappoint, providing a full dining experience worthy of a visit. The menu features green, earthy dishes that are healthier than what you’d usually get on a night out. Expect soups, dips, and flatbread made with fresh produce. The Green Goddess Soup is a house favorite — a verdant mix of cucumber, yogurt, romanesco, homemade granola, and a bit of chili oil for a little kick.

Eco-conscious guests can also rest easy knowing that the rooftop garden was designed with environmental impact in mind. Faux flowers, chosen for their longevity, are strewn across the restaurant’s botanical garden, while each Tiny Jungle Greenhouse features live plants that are known for purifying the air and removing toxins. Food and drinks range from $16 to $30, while the Tiny Jungle Greenhouse experience requires a minimum spend of $300. Seats are otherwise given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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