Alma Lasers Debuts The BeautiFill Fat Transfer System With A Beautiful Breakfast At The Modern

I had a lot of fun learning about Alma Laser, Inc.’s new procedure called BeautiFill that gives age-reducing results almost immediately. This is the first laser-based fat transfer system for complete aesthetic contouring. Patients getting this procedure have fat removed from a part of the body (usually the stomach) very gently through a small canula and it is much more gentle than traditional liposuction–then the fat is placed on parts of the face with hollows, wrinkles and line. Great work has been completed to correct jowls, weak jawlines, general lose of facial volume and deep nasolabial folds. Beautifill’s unique fat transfer system utilizes lasers as well and great facial lifting is accomplished as well as the aforementioned filling in of “weak” facial areas.The presentation done during the press breakfast at the Modern showed dramatic before and after photos and even traces one patient’s extremely successful progress. She has been reporting in via video and I must say I was amazed to see her BeautiFill procedure itself being filmed and her walking out of the doctor’s office pretty much right afterwards.It was great to get firsthand information by Dr. Yael Halaas (a New York based plastic surgeon pictured on the right in the above photo) and Dr. Jeffrey Zhu (a Chicago-based dermatologist shown on the left) who answered questions from the press. Beauty editors asked questions about safety, down time after the BeautiFill procedure, who are good candidates for fat transfer and longevity of results.Guests even got to see the BeautiFill equipment used as pictured above and got the doctors to answer every possible question they had about it. In case you are curious, BeautiFill procedure takes only an hour, costs about $6,000 depending on the area of the country that it is performer in and lasts for years–making it much more economical than investing in Botox or traditional dermal fillers which tend to last only three to six months. But the very best feature of BeautiFill (at least in my humble opinion) is that it is creating beautiful facial contouring and filling while letting the patient lose fat where they don’t want it. It’s a double win making it so worth the investment. I love that there is little or no down time as well.If you want more detailed information on how BeautiFill works and if you might be a good candidate, go to BeautiFill is truly the state of the art procedure for fat transfer and just officially debuted at the Annual Meeting Of The American Academy Of Dermatology during the first week of March.

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