It Cosmetics: Putting Confidence In A Bottle!

I love It Cosmetics launch events. They are easily the most creative events for media who have grown tired of the typical cocktail party launches. Since the products are pink, they tend to have pink drinks and food (especially pink cupcakes featuring their fun logo), but they always set up vignettes that test the creativity of party guests.

At the recent launch of the newest It Cosmetics products known casually as the “Confidence Line,” guests got to check their insecurities at the door–literally! They were handed faux pink passports that were stamped at each “station” but once you got checked in you went through a fake airport security checkpoint where you picked a carry on bag and put it through the machine. Each carry on bag had words printed on the front that represent the biggest insecurities women face today from body image to bad skin to lack of confidence. Everyone was supposed to check one bag with their biggest insecurity written on it but I snuck three through there.

Next up was a truly unique hour-long presentation that featured a moving speech from founder Jamie Kern Lima. Her story is so motivating because she truly made it as a one woman operation–and it took a tremendous amount of rejections from cosmetics companies over a three-year period before one offered to manufacture and distribute It Cosmetics. Lima was down to her large thousand dollars when she cut her deal and the really sweet part is that L’Oreal bought her company for $1.2 billion a couple of years back.

The second part of the presentation featured three of the regular “real people” models that you see on QVC getting matched with their Confidence In A Foundation color.This new foundation has full coverage and yet feels super light. After this, guests went on to various stations to be matched themselves. Everyone went home with their shade in a cool silver It Cosmetics zipper case.The recommended brush for Confidence In A Foundation is the Heavenly Skin Skin-Hugging Foundation Brush No. 7 which has a beautiful chrome handle and is cut on an angle which lets you get your makeup into nooks and crannies. This brush really hugs the contours of your face and you will love the even distribution of product that it creates! The brush hair is actually infused with anti-aging collagen, silk, peptides, niacin and antioxidants.Also launched at the event were what I can tell will be my future “dream cream”–Confidence In A Neck Cream that is recommended for use with It’s new citrine face roller. Most cosmetic companies have ignored the neck even though neck lines are something that women of all ages have. It is not necessarily an “age thing”–most of us have neck lines and their prominence has to do more with heredity than age.I love the Heavenly Luxe Face & Neck Citrine Roller because it feels very cool to the touch. I just started using the Confidence In A Neck Cream with the roller today and I make a point of doing my neck in three sections and doing an upwards motion in each spot 10 times. It takes me just a few minutes. Jamie Kern Lima recommends doing affirmations while you are using the roller.Everyone went nuts when they went to test the third product being launched at one of the stations. It is called Confidence In A Gel Lotion and it is special because it plumps the skin. I do not have to tell you that plumping the skin helps hide lines and wrinkles. Confidence In A Gel promises to be akin transforming and provides hydration for an incredible 72 hours. This is totally unheard of and opened a lot of guests’ eyes. A couple of fellow beauty bloggers told me that they were going to try it immediately upon getting home from the party!The last item being launched at the It Cosmetics event–which was held in a bottom floor loft space at the legendary Sterritt Lehigh Building, by the way–was Confidence In A Cream Rosy Tone, a futuristic anti-aging product that is applied twice a day on cleansed skin in an upwards motion. What makes it special is that it gives your skin a rosy glow via rosy tone pigments and the formulation includes iris root, peony extract, aloe leaf juice, squalane, chickpea and lipohydroxy acid. A lot of people who have already tried this say that it gives them a good enough glow to skip foundation!It Cosmetics has always promised game changing products and these newest products certainly are multitaskers! In my book, it is especially nice to get a foundation that is oil-free (since I am still oily despite my age), full coverage, lightweight and also has skin benefiting ceramides, peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and squalane. There are an amazing 48 shades so the skintone matching is pretty “spot on”! Check out it being demonstrated live on QVC several nights per week and also go to their website for more info on current products.

Article by anne241

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