Bon Appétit’s Hot 10: Fun Eats, Fun People!

I enjoyed my recent trip out to 99 Scott Avenue in Williamsburg to check out the legendary Bon Appetit Hot 10 party. I was surprised that the guests were mainly young hipster foodies–but they were nice ones without attitude. The event was about what were voted the 10 hottest restos in the country but there were 10 or 15 other eateries and bars letting guests sample their wares. I left so full that the bouncers at the front door almost had to roll me into my UBER home to the Upper East Side!

I was thrilled to be able to mosey around the VIP room instead of the huge main room with over 500 foodies standing in line for truly great eats–there were ten minute waits at some booths but everyone that I spoke with said that it was well worth it. Several guests admitted to me that they returned for seconds and even thirds on some items. I did venture out there into the big crowd in the main room to say hi to my pals from Talenti ice cream tucked in a corner area–and of course I ahd a cup of their wonderful caramel crunch flavor!

I also made multiple visits to the SproutsIO booth. If you are not familiar with this device, it lets you grow large herb plants indoors in one giant lighted white pot. Mixologists at the Hot 10 made herbal drinks with herbs grown in a SproutsIO and I returned three times for their wonderful Basil Cucumber Margarita. I can still taste them now! I am going to get my own SproutsIO and grow both basil and rosemary–the plants on the bar in their booth were so full and healthy (and smelled so fragrant)!

In the VIP room, I downed wonderful lemon souffles with poppyseed sauce and rice stuffed chicken wings…and then managed to eat two large pieces of the chocolate miso layer cake from Brothers And Sisters Bakery in Washington, DC. I loved the way the desserts were so artistically displayed on a large slab of polished wood with flowers and small Asian figurines scattered loosely–that was one spectacular looking dessert table. For seafood lovers, there was a huge vintage sailboat of oysters in the VIP Room but no sign of Gilligan or The Skipper (I was expecting to see them any minute). Nearby, portraits of guests were done in markers and fresh vegetables!

In case you are curious, the Bon Apetit Hot 10 eateries list for 2018 is as follows (in no particular order): Nonesuch of Oklahoma City, Maydan of Washington, DC, Ugly Baby of Brooklyn, Freedman’s Of Los Angeles, Nyum Bai of Oakland, CA, Nimblefish of Portland, OR, Che Fico of San Francisco, Yume Ga Arukara of Cambridge, MA, Drifter’s Wife of Portland, ME and No. 10 Call of Denver, CO.

I would strongly recommend the Hot 10 for anyone who wants to try truly unusual and authentic fare including handmade Asian noodles from ancient family recipe, unique cured hams from Italy and Spain and unusual types of pate and liver items. For more info on Hot 10 (you MUST attend next year), go to

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