L’Occitane’s New Concept Store: An Oasis On Fifth Avenue!

I was thrilled to be able to preview the new L’Occitane store that just opened up at 555 Fifth Avenue at 46th Street, right next to Barnes & Noble. The store is uncluttered, simple and like a breath of fresh air.

You literally feel like you are breathing fresh air when you stop at their little “bicyling in Provence” display. You can put on an old-time French bicycling hat and make believe you are riding on a yellow bike with a bug screen image of the Provence countryside behind you. The bicycles are stationery and customers are welcome to use them for a little bit of exercise or just for a photo op.

The new store boasts a lot of seating including a cool blue supermodern sectional that is low to the floor and white benches built around flower planters. Nearby is a large sink with shower like faucets where customers are welcome to test L’Occitane’s legendary shower gels and hand soaps.

The scents and hand creams line the outer walls and it’s easy to test all your favorite scents. The sister products like body creams are lined up right behind them.

The recycling wall is a phenomenal idea. There is a large clear bin to discard old L’Occitane containers from any product. You can buy extra large soap and shower refills that are highly economical and on top of that, you get 10 per cent off your day’s purchase of any items in the store as a thank you for recycling.

The L’Occitane signature yellow color is not only on the bike display to your immediate left when you walk into the Fifth Avenue store but it is also on the cool lineup of large decorative vases behind the large checkout counter. This is the same counter where you pick up items that you ordered online (this is wonderful for saving on shipping costs and delivery time).

Everyone who works in the store knows all the products inside and out and can really customize a skincare regime for you. The Immortelle Reset Serum just arrived and it focuses on putting life back into overly stressed skin. You can test it and see immediate results like I did. It is clear, has a pleasant and natural floral scent plus absorbs quickly into skin. Many beauty editors are predicting this as one of the hero skincare products for Fall 2018.

The staff urges customers to visit each season to see how vastly different the displays look and of course to check out new products. There is a no rush atmosphere that is meant to mimic life in Provence where the company is headquartered. And in case you are curious, yes, they have their own farms of lavender and assorted flowers that are actually used in their products, so you automatically know that quality control literally starts when crops are harvested.

For more info on L’Occitane, simply go to www.loccitane.com. Their new store will undoubtedly become a “must do” activity for anyone visiting Fifth Avenue—right up there with going to Tiffany’s and Saks!

Article by anne241

Hardcore NYer who loves to enjoy the good life here in the Big Apple and beyond!