Dialing Up A Ton Of Fun At The 24th Street Loft!

I was lucky enough to attend the Dial press event celebrating their 2018 launches last night at the 24th Street Loft. Guests were treated to vignettes to celebrate newly launched products (that have just come out since the beginning of 2018) and one was more fun than the other. Matching food and drink were served as well–including white macarons to match the new Dial Complete Pearl Essence 2-in-1 Moisturizing & Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash and blue Cosmopolitans to match the new Skin Therapy Sea Minerals Exfoliating Body Wash! I have to admit right here that I will always love the original Dial gold deodorant body bar and its spicy scent. It is truly one-of-one-a-kind and is to the soap business what Coke is to the soda business. It is very nostalgic to me as I grew up with it–but I am always happy to discover the great new scents that Dial is coming up with for all their products. These days, the legendary company is big on having as many of their products pack the 1-2 punch of moisturizing and being antibacterial–some exfoliate as well.

The first stop at the Dial event Wednesday night was a vignette for the new Manuka Honey Liquid Hand Soap. Guests tested out the soap plus got their own customized jar of manuka honey. Publicists from CMMPR added dried chili peppers or cinnamon to a glass jar for each of the guests, who were primarily influencers and bloggers. I got cinnamon put in my honey and put it in my Earl Grey this morning–it was so sweet and soothing!

Next, guests moved on to the 24th Street Loft bathroom–which is larger than most studio apartments in Manhattan and features a claw rubbed bathtub. For the Dial event, the bathtub featured pearly white balloons piled high (almost to the ceiling). This was specifically to celebrate the new Pearl Essence 2 In 1 Moisturizing & Antibacterial Hand Wash. After testing out the hand wash at the cool old-fashioned pedestal sink, guests moved on to carving their name in pendants made out of slices of ancient purple stone. Then they moved on to making their own freshwater pearl hoop earrings with the help of a jewelry maker and her trusty jewelry pliers.

In the main room, the already popular Dial Silk & Magnolia 2 in 1 Beauty Bar was on display with fresh branches of magnolias–which were super fragrant. This pretty pink soap has truly a lasting scent. I bathed with it after the event and the scent lingered for hours. It is the only scent like it in the mass merchandise soap market at this time and you will find it to be as unforgettable as I do.

The new Himalayan Pink Salt & Water Lily Exfoliating Body Wash probably got more attention than all the other Dial items thanks to the cool and numerous Himalayan Sea Salt lamps on its designated display. There were several food items cooked for the guests in the kitchen on blocks Of Himalayan Sea Salt as well including shrimp.

To celebrate the Rose Oil Hand Wash, guests got to put together their own bunch of short stemmed red, pink and white roses with the help of a professional and highly creative florist. The square glass vases were adorable and I cannot wait to use mine again and have memories of this fun event!

Dial’s Sea Minerals Exfoliant Body Wash was introduced back in January and made an equally big splash with both sexes–but more than anything else at last night’s event, I fell in love with the Dial 24 Hour Infinite Fresh Lasting Body Wash. I know it is made for men but I just love it’s bold yet natural blue scent. There was a unique opportunity for guests to take photos in an infinite mirror walled room to celebrate this product. The lights were dimmed in this mirrored room and I kind of felt like I was back at Studio 54 on a fake ID in the late 70s, LOL!

The most fun part of the event might have been the “free shopping” at the end. The aforementioned mighty 24 Hour Infinite Fresh Lasting Body Wash can be seen on the bottom row of the shelf on the left. Can you guess who nabbed a few bottles for herself and couldn’t wait to bath with it today? Its beautiful blue scent that lasts all day is going to start a massive cult, I swear. I probably do not have to tell you that Dial products are available at mass merchandisers and supermarkets everywhere, and that the hand soaps and body washes range from $3 to $6. For instance, Walmart sells the full size body washes for just $4. Dial products are still some of the best bargains on the beauty and skincare market–and I am sure that they always will be!

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