Alba Botanica’s Do Good, Do Beautiful Event: Fun At The Farmhouse!

Last night I was lucky enough to attend Alba Botanica’s fun event at Project Farmhouse in the former Cat Club space at 76 East 13th Street. The occasion was to announce grant winners from Alba Botanica’s Do Good, Do Beautiful campaign. The winners got $15K checks for their respective charities, got to hang out in New York City for a few days and even got a bunch of plant-based Alba Botanica products to take home. The Project Farmhouse space was perfect for this event as it has many species of plants including pretty succulents growing in large terrarium. Little vignettes featuring Alba Botanica products around the space reflected the company’s commitment to natural ingredients. Exotic flower on the bar and check in table reflected the ingredients of Alba’s popular Hawaiian Line, which includes a mask, towelettes and much more.

The lucky winners were truly deserving of their prizes and were thrilled to meet with celebrity Guest Michelle Monaghan—who is very involved with many animal rights and environmental causes. Michelle made herself totally accessible to the grant winners and the 60 or so influencers at the event. She seemed to truly care about the trials that the grant recipients had been through with their respective charities and wanted to learn how she could personally help out.

The winners sat in the center of the room to tell their stories and why their organizations needed funds–and tears were shed by guests when they heard of horses vanishing in an intentionally set stable fire. Emilee Spear Of Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary and Kat Walton of The Barn For Equine Learning were genuinely touched to get their checks. There was a diversified panel who reviewed over 250 entrants to the Do Good, Do Beautiful campaign, and it consisted of Hilary Benda of Beople’s Buddies, Lauren Valley of Girls Above Society, Marguerite Nesteruk a part time urban farmer and Ying Chu of Glamour Magazine.

Many of the product vignettes at this female empowerment event just made you want to reach out and touch them. The Alba Botanica Hawaiian line has a hugely popular mask (pictured above) as well as 3-In-1 Towelettes that are a favorite among makeup artists. All Alba Botanica products are 100 per cent vegetarian. Everything has such a clean, fresh, natural scent.

I was unaware that Alba Botanica made serious acne treatments but other beauty writers at the event told me that the AcneDote Acne Patches and Clearing Gel Peel clear up pimples seemingly overnight. I was happy that guests could sample the products in the displays because I just had to open up a box of the Acne Patches and get a closer look.

The Baby Mineral Sunscreen is a popular product that adults use as well. Because it contains chamomile and calendula, it heals cuts and rashes as an added bonus. It is considered a Godsend by many moms. Alba Botanica actually has a huge range of sunscreen for consumers of all ages and needs, including an SPF 45 Sport Mineral Sunscreen and an SPF 35 Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen. They even make the official sunscreen of the New York Mets.

Besides a step and repeat covered with the Alba Botanica logo, there was the cutest arrangement of flowers and balloons for party guests to pose in front of. It was as colorful as the packaging for Alba Botanica products. It was a pleasure to see most of the brand’s products all in one place and compare them.

The Volcanic Clay Mask pictured above is a huge hit with folks who like for their skin to feel really clean and tight. A couple of makeup artists in attendance at the Do Good, Do Beautiful event mentioned to me that they have tried it and liked it. For more info, go to You will get highly addicted to this line especially if you love natural beauty products.

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