Vera Bradley Preview: What’s New For Spring ‘18?

I am a huge Vera Bradley fan because this famous line’s use of bright colors and flowery prints just always puts a smile on my face. They are a ray of sunshine in the fashion industry, which seems to worship black as the “color” that is the main focus. There is the occasional black piece in Vera Bradley collections but the only ones that I caught in the spring preview up at their midtown offices yesterday were a quilted canvas luggage set and a side zip wallet/clutch with a loop style handle.

The Vera Bradley spring collection includes not only the cloth bags with top stitching that they are so famous for, but there is the aforementioned luggage, bedding, swimsuits, beach towels and even medical scrubs (from which a large portion of the profits are donated to cancer research). A designer that makes really fun scrubs was sorely needed in the medical garb community, and Vera Bradley stepped in a couple of years ago and “really got the job done,” as they say.

Some of my personal favorites in the new line is a fish print quilt, colorful luggage tags, pencil/makeup cases with straw flower embellishments. The bedding line was just launched a few months ago in limited quantities and sold out in stores and online almost immediately so this time around, there will be a lot more designs and more styles of bedding items available. You will be seeing tons of comforters, blanket, throw pillows, sheets and pillow sets which have prints both subtle and strong that are so fun to mix and match!

The beach towels are hugely successful as well and you will know why when you wash them. There is no fading or “pulling.” The quality of the beach towels stand up to those made by the finest European linen houses. 

There are lot of fun little miscellaneous items in the Vera Bradley Spring ‘18 collection. I am totally enamored of the luggage tags (one has the same print as on the quilt that I mentioned) and bag charms. I also love the solid leather bag and wallet line which is a departure from their usual use of canvas. (These handbags are of highly chic yet practical designs!) I adore the little odds-n-ends items like ID holders, shawls, scarves, sunglasses, beer/soft drink “cozies” and eyeglass cases.

Be sure to visit the Vera Bradley Soho store if you are ever in NYC. It always gives the most comprehensive view of the current collection outside of I personally like to feel bedding before I buy it and I went insane when I got to feel Vera Bradley’s super-soft throws for the first time last summer. They have a feel that is somewhere between fleece and cashmere and I can’t recommend the Santa-patterned red one as the ultimate Christmas party host gift! I am proud to say that I have one myself and that I will be using it way beyond the holidays! It just gives me that warm, homey feeling!