Lora Condon: This “Beauty Buster” Is A Legend In The Skincare Game!

I was so lucky to be able to get a facial that was much, much more than just getting “steamed” and then a couple of masks. Lora goes above and beyond the call of duty–her facials include extractions, a foot rub, shoulder and neck massages, callous removal with a gentle pumice stone and more. While she owns a popular salon called The Jersey Boutique Spa in Westfield, NJ, she does come into midtown Manhattan once a week to service customers by appointment only at 274 Madison Avenue.

The friendly esthetician/skincare superstar uses AMK’s Enzyme Therapy Line in a way that is customized for individual skincare needs. I got Lora’s signature facial called the Enzyme & Oxygen facial–in this facial, she uses an LED light to reduce hyperpigmentation while enzymes work on increasing cellular activity and resolving conditions such as acne, signs of aging, pigmentation and scarring. She will discuss issues that she finds with your skin as she moves along through the facial and will whip up masks customized just for you.

It goes without saying that Lora can deal with the most extreme skin issues including aging missed with oiliness, acne scarring and rosacea. She will customize a skincare plan for you to take home with you and will even give your samples of a few of the products that she used on you during your treatment.

I have loose hanging skin at my age (56)–which includes a bit of a turkey neck–and Lara was able to tighten it up. You walk out of her Beauty Buster facials with a difference you can see. She is also a big user of the jade roller, an ages-old device that helps drain lymphatic fluid.

Lara has become a favorite of celebrities and just might be the only aesthetician that I know has worked on the Wu Tang Clan and the legendary Italian-American comedian Pat Cooper (talk about opposites, LOL)! She really has a diversity of a clients and all of them will testify to just how personalized her facials are. Kate Blanchett and Toni Collette both recently raved about Lora to their Hollywood pals. Let me be totally honest here and say that some of her customized masks really feel like they are working while you are lying on her table, meaning that some feel almost cement-like–but as they say, no pain, no gain! Call me crazy but I swear that the half circles under my eyes that have been there for 20 years were barely visible when I left her care!

For more info on Lora, including her unique approach to skincare, many awards and amazing clientele, visit www.beautybuster.com. You can see her collabos with top magazines and even correspond with her on there! It’s truly a fun site from a very fun and fabulous lady! Be sure to follow her on Twitter via @beautybuster. (Also be sure to check out her acclaimed book Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth for a shocking and often hysterical look at the spas and customers that Lora has been affiliated with in the past!)

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