The Live Clean Baby Launch At Bouley Botanical: Flowers, Fun…And Lots Of Mommy Bloggers!

I was lucky enough to score an invite to the launch of Live Clean Baby products at Bouley Botanical in early February and it was one of the most cleverly “styled” and organized parties I have been to in a long time thanks to one of my favorite beauty pr firms CMMPR and Hain Naturals, which was the first-ever natural brand of package foods I tried back in the day when the Fit For Life Diet was all the craze. The Hain folks have expanded to natural skincare products and their Live Clean Baby line is not only very pure with biodegradable packaging, but baby’s skin and hair health concerns were always in mind when formulating these fresh-smelling products. I admit that as a middle-aged adult with a sensitive scalp that often itches, I definitely will be using the new Live Clean Baby Shampoo myself! I love that all the products have plant-based formulations, and the Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Collection specifically helps target babies with dry and sensitive skin thanks to such ingredients as Colloidal Oatmeal, Lavender and Chamomile.

So what made the launch party so great other than the spectacular plant-filled setting of the party space known as Bouley Botanical (which really feels like a comfy living room rather than a redone storefront in a late 1800’s building)? The Hain folks designed the party it be like a real life high end baby shower. Guests got to create their own gorgeous bouquets of pink, white and blue flowers (well, the ones naturally closest to blue in color) with the help of a floral team and they got to munch on delicious creations by the legendary Bouley kitchen including a stupendous avocado spread on homemade “all seed” bread, topped with microgreens. The Bouley folks brought out a couple of their legendary mini pastries at the end, which nearly blew my low carb diet for the new year, LOL!

There were great shower games as well, including one that required all guests to submit baby photos ahead of time and one called What’s In Your Bag?! I probably scored the lowest at the event with a measly 56 points. Next time I will not clean out my bag before going to an event staged as a baby shower ever again, LOL!. There was also a “slide show” presentation about Live Clean Baby products from Hain execs as well which explains how they researched what mothers looked for most when buying baby products, as well as how they arrived at the final ingredient combinations for the products. One of my favorite aspects of the party was getting to post on an old-fashioned front porch swings and get my photo done by a professional photog and their high tech “photo machine” which immediately sent out the photos via email and social media.

It’s great to know that this fabulous line has products that mostly retail for $5.99 and are available on, Whole Foods and many mass merchandise stores. As I said earlier, I am going to be using a some of them myself. Many have the scent of lavender, which is one of my favorite natural scents–and I even smell a little bit of rose and other florals in the Baby Wash and I plan on using it in place of everyday hand soap on my bathroom sink!

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