ColorProof Introduces BioRepair-8!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of ColorProof’s BioRepair-8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System at The Hale Organic Spa at 91 Franklin Street in Tribeca recently. I have been a ColorProof fan for a few years now and not just because these products really protect your color and seem to make it last twice as long but because their Root Lift can really make a giant difference in the volume and endurance of your recent blowout/styling!

Owner Jim Markham is a hair business legend having worked at the legendary Jay Sebring Salon in the 60s,s tarting a haircare line with Peter Lawford in the 70s and then later creating the phenomenally successful Pureology brand in the late 90s. ColorProof was his endeavor immediately after selling Pureology to a major cosmetics company and Markham has really taken the baton and run with it as they say. He and his wife Cheryl are very generous people who have given generously to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. They addressed questions from blogger guests before we went off for a shampoo and blow!

BioRepair-8’s four great products–Anti-Thinning Shampoo, Anti-Thining Condition and Stem Cell Scalp Serium and Scalp Exfoliating Brush–can be bought together in a kit for $132 as well as per piece in case you tend to run out of one product faster than the others. I personally had these used on me at the Hale Spa and my hair was never fuller. I have to say that a key piece of the puzzle is that the Scalp Exfoliating Brush really circulates the scalp and hair roots contributing to dynamic fullness. For more info on where to purchase, go to

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