Ultimate NYC Matchmaker Samantha Daniels Tells All At Saks’ First Kiss Event!

I was so excited to go to the new downtown Saks at 225 Liberty Street and check out an exciting event for both consumers and beauty bloggers alike called First Kiss! Not only was the great YSL Beaute team out to suggest great first kiss colors (my favorite being the legendary Color #1 which is a classic blue-based red available across the board in YSL Beaute lip shades including their newest lip line for spring Rouge Volupte, which moisturizes for a full eight hours. It has great staying power for that first kiss and beyond, too!

The best part of Saks’ First Kiss event (besides a customized YSL Beaute consultation) was getting to interview and hear author Samantha Daniels speak. Her books Matchbook: The Diary Of A Modern Matchmaker gives honest, no nonsense advice. I had to ask her how to handle gifting a new Valentine that one just recently started dating. Would flowers be appropriate? Samantha revealed, “Flowers are always a good ‘go-to’ gift but a small gift that is personal is nice–like giving a book that someone said they wanted to read. A nice meal out is always great especially if someone said there was a certain new restaurant they wanted to try.”

In her presentation, the pretty dark-maned Daniels (whose website is www.samanthastable.com) suggested how to dress for a first date. She doled out a lot of common sense–don’t wear black (she says “men like color”) or talk about past relationships, smile and keep the neckline and hemline modest. She said, “Show something but not everything–a knee length dress or skirt is ideal and wear something that you totally comfortable in. Do not wear super-high heels that you cannot walk in.” I am reading Matchbook as we speak and cannot put it down.

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